Don’t do what he did!!! Gun Safety Training

October 14, 2019 posted by

What’s up, sheepdogs! My name is Ryan G. And if you’re looking to attend a gun safety training class, You might want to check the credentials of the instructor before you sign up. Becoming a firearms instructor is not that difficult and you definitely Don’t want to take a gun safety class from one of these guys. What the hell were these guys thinking? if you’re new to firearms, Or maybe you just want to brush off a little bit of the rust and you want to build a firm foundation of firearm knowledge, safety, and fundamentals, the beginner’s guide to firearms is the training course for you. And the best part is it’s taught by yours truly. So, you know, You’re getting a high quality level of training. By completing this course, you will be able to demonstrate the eight firearm safety rules; How to clean and maintain your firearm; How to operate your pistol; demonstrate the core shooting fundamentals and a lot more. This training course includes over two hours of Instruction that you can watch as many times as you need to to become proficient. Most firearm experts agree that if you want to become proficient in using your firearm, You have to train with it properly over a thousand times. A thousand. Now, if you tried to hire me to go to the range with you a thousand times, You’re gonna pay off my mortgage. So please do it. If you attended a just an in-person class, you’re gonna be there and you may handle the gun – fifty times seventy times But you’re never gonna get to a thousand. The beginner’s guide allows you to practice in the comfort of your home, Safely and properly and get to that thousand point so that you can safely and responsibly handle your gun. Don’t wait another second! Click the link below and sign up for the beginner’s guide. and I almost forgot, The best part is the beginner’s guide is only twenty dollars. Click the link below. Sign up today because you don’t want to get a hole in your body tomorrow that you weren’t born with.


11 Replies to “Don’t do what he did!!! Gun Safety Training”

  1. Jim Garrison says:

    Still trying to get my wife to go to your class!

  2. travisp11 says:

    So painful to watch, not just for the physical damage done but the ignorance of the instructor, too. Great video, man!

  3. We Run Guns says:

    Doing research on your instructor is very important, great vid

  4. 2016 Road King says:

    Man, I want someone to pay off my mortgage! Just don't tell your wife she is acting like Hillary Clinton or someone might need to pay off your teeth surgery! lol. What's up Ryan G (Man!)?

  5. Justin Justin says:

    I learn everything I need to know for Yt … don’t worry I’m a expert

  6. DL Lambert says:

    You should show the Orlando DEA agent who's the only 1 professional 🙄 to shoot a Glock .40. Lol… he shot himself in the leg. The video is on Youtube.

  7. Bluelew777 says:


  8. Adan Lozano says:

    This video is also a great lesson on not being afraid to take YOUR life into YOUR hands. Someone else's feelings and/or pride is NEVER worth a life. In that situation with that instructor acting hyper the way he was, instead of nice and calm and slow like he should have been, I would have asked him to please stop and politely excused myself out of the situation, inviting anyone else to join me in leaving.

  9. The App Channel says:

    LMAO!!! Guy flags the student next to him then has a negligent discharge. I would've walked out right then.

  10. Franklin Ernesto says:

    Hahaha that guy is a joke

  11. lindsey wade says:

    Scary…. buuuut HILARIOUS😎 I'm gonna try and bring my mom and dad to your class. Mom wants to get armed and legal, and dad wants his concealed…so im gonna try and talk em in to coming down to you!👍🤺

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