Don’t make safety boring – Celebrating 5 years of Workplace Safety at Approved Freight Forwarders

December 15, 2019 posted by

Troy Plotkin, Vice President of Operations
with Approved Freight Forwarders. A lot of folks will think it’s very difficult
to achieve this milestone. And it is, I don’t want to take anything away
from that. But we didn’t come with a master scheme and
a master plan and say, “hey, we’re gonna get 5 years right out of the gate, or 2 years
right out of the gate.” But really making a presence. Talking about it, making it a focus, and hiring
right. Hiring people who respect our values and the
way we want to do business. Safety being at the top of that list. From a management standpoint, it’s really
about taking an active role. Are we asking our employees to do things that
are going to put them at risk? Are we aligning ourselves with the right partners
that are going to put constraints and demands on us? We do want to make money, we want to make
a profit, but we don’t want to do it on breaking the backs and injuring our employees. So, the way that we approach our sell, and
the way that we align with clients I believe helps us tremendously in our thought process
and how we engage and how we’re going to manage and keep safe. You know, we want our partners and our clients
that we’re going to do business with – and even our vendors – to know what we stand for,
what our core values are, and be able to stand behind those. And, again, when they come and work with Approved
they know what our value is. Not only with safety, but starting with safety,
and that carries over to all aspects of our business I believe. How we’re going to treat their product. From the top down, bottom up, side to side,
safety is top of mind and again we believe that sets our behaviors to attract those type
of partners. You know no matter where anybody is with their
safety, as part of their organization, it doesn’t have to be boring, and it doesn’t
have to be completely thought out. We don’t have to have the perfect system and
have the perfect committee when you start. You can still mix with having a well-run business,
you know a nice family atmosphere, and have successes that we’re having within safety. I just think that by not trying to be too
systematic about it, and letting the teams and the individuals offer their thumbprint. Put their thumb on the scale about how we
want to move forward, and giving them their input and letting their voices be heard. Again that’s key with most anything we do
to be a successful business. Is how do we let our employees voices be heard? How do we put it into action? How do you prioritize those so everyone feels
like their contributing? If I had to put the recipe together for the
cake, it would start there. Definitely start with getting input and making
sure that we put peoples’ ideas to work and let them be part of the solution.

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