42 Replies to “Durgaashtakam – Peaceful Music For Protection, Healing, Relaxation and Meditation”

  1. Ananda Vdovic says:

    If you like this soundtrack from "DURGA – Mantras for Protection", you will also enjoy my new album "Mantras for a Happy Life" – https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/anandavdovic2
    It has different Mantras for different purposes: Healing & Health, Protection, Prosperity, Happy Love, Divine Love, Blessing for Happiness…
    Love ~ and Enjoy !

  2. Aniket Datt says:

    Most peaceful mantra…😍😇😇

  3. jammasterj13 says:

    This so called goddess is a whore and is the queen of whores! Nothing good ever came out of Vagina!!! But worms and her seed which rotten from the root to the fruit!!!!

  4. chetan nayee says:

    Hey param shakti please maa mara badhaj dukho and problem dur karo ane maru rakshan karaje maa jo marathi bhul thai hoy to mane maf karajo ane maru rakshan karaje maa jo marathi bhul thai hoy to mane maf karajo ane maru rakshan karaje ane mane sadbudhi aapo maa

  5. chetan nayee says:

    Jay mataji jay ma ambe maa

  6. chetan nayee says:

    Jay mataji jay ma durga ma

  7. kiberkoshka says:


  8. ब्राह्माण ॐ says:


  9. Franz Berger says:

    some name dream 21.. says it cannnot be understood theoritically but practically then please demonstrate that this one exists? MEDITATION IS NOT THE PROODF THE PROOF OF THIS ONE EXISTS :: FEElINGS AnD pERsonal expereiences iS not the proof of this one exists..

  10. jamuna Sahu says:

    Voice is very sweet…….

  11. Emma Bach says:

    Durga was the first deity to manifest in my life. Tonight she show me again that she is with me. The reason? It's aur raaz. ❤

  12. cheryl carey says:


  13. Carla Valdez says:

    Mantra belíssimo.

  14. Bhimji Vaghjiyani says:

    Very very nice

  15. Franz Berger says:

    chating and singing is not the correct to truth or understaning or knowledge ..

  16. queen fufu says:


  17. Siddharth Singh says:

    My Mother…… My Beginning. My End. My Loveliest. My Core of Existence. Heart of My Soul. माँ दुर्गा माँ काली… मेरी अस्तित्व

  18. Manju iyer says:

    Jai maa durga💐💐💐💐💐

  19. Bhagat Pavan says:


  20. Rajen R says:

    Awesome Mother.

  21. María Georgina Orieta says:

    Beautiful!! Full of love and inner power! Thank you

  22. Udaya Manu says:

    Maa pls bless me with a happy ending this may5

  23. dp says:

    Karthyayaini, Mahamaye, Gadga bana dhaurdhare, Gadga dharinee chandi, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 1

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who is Karthyayaini,
    Who is the greatest enchantress,
    Who carries with her sword, arrow and bow,
    And who is Chandi who carries the sword.

    Vasudeva suthe, kali, Vasu deva sahodhari, Vasundhara sriye nandhe, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 2

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who is the daughter of king Vasudeva,
    Who is the sister to Lord Vaasudeva,
    And who is the lady who is earth as well as Lakshmi.

    Yoga nidhre, maha nidhre, Yoga maye, maaheswari, Yoga sidhikari shudhe, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 3

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who is the sleep of yoga,
    Who is the great sleep,
    Who is enchantress of yoga,
    Who is the greatest goddess,
    Who is the one who gives powers through yoga,
    And who is clean and truthful.

    Sankha chakra gada pane, Sarnga jyayatha bahave, Peethmbara dhare, dhanye, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 4

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who holds conch, wheel and mace,
    Who blows the conch called Sarnga of Vishnu,
    And who is blessed and wears yellow silk.

    Rik Yajur sama adarvana, Schadu Samantha lokinee, Brahma swaroopini, brahmi, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 5

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who lives in the four areas,
    Of Rik, Yajur, sama and Atharvana Veda,
    Who is the power of Brahma and is like Brahma.

    Vrushneenaam kula sambhoothe, Vishnu nadha sahodharee, Vrushnee roopa dhare dhanya, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 6

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who belongs to the clan of Vrushnees,
    Who is the sister of Lord Vishnu,
    And who is blessed by taking the form of Vrushnee.

    Sarvagna, sarvage sarve, Sarveshwari, sarva sakshini, Sarvamrutha jada bhare, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 7

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who knows all, is everywhere, and belongs to Shiva,
    Who is the Goddess of all and is the witness of all,
    And who carries the nectar as her tufted hair.

    Ashta bahu maha sathwe, Ashtami navami priye, Attahasa priye bhadre, Sri Durga Devi namosthuthe., 8

    Salutations to goddess Durga,
    Who is the great being with eight hand,
    Who likes Ashtami[1] and Navami[2]
    Who takes care but likes fierce play.

    Durgashtakamidham punyam, Bhakthidho ya paden nara, Sarva kamavapnothi, Durga lokam sa gachathi., 9

    If this holy octet on Durga,
    Is read by men with devotion,
    They would get all desires fulfilled,
    And attain the world of Durga.

  24. Sanjay Bansal says:

    It inculcates inner peace…mystic silence

  25. vihang pimpale says:

    Yr voice so beautiful. I was closing my eyes nd after I am going to dream world so peaceful nd calm down for my feeling. Fully day fresh feel doing Thanks dear. God bless you

  26. Hindu Indonesia says:

    namasteastu durga ma

  27. Hindu Indonesia says:

    good voive

  28. DeepakHem says:

    It felt as if I was there with Maa Durga…

  29. Road 2Love official says:

    Love To Mother Durga 😍😍

  30. Madhubanti Gupta says:


  31. reginox3 says:

    This is deliriously beautiful…thank you.

  32. dr logeswaran says:

    So peacefull …oum shanti

  33. momagraf says:

    Your voice is sublime!

  34. mukesh ram says:

    O my god look in eyes like really Devi come on front of me I haponotise I feel it's come front of me what a experience I feel anybody call me when I show in Devi eyes I fill maganatick calling who become this photo really amgine person like a really Devi ma come when you look continue in her eyes and listening mantra feel in another world it's power of mantra when you talk them than what happen

  35. Chandra Selvaraj says:


  36. Ursula Casson says:

    Magical, love the mantra and the images of the Goddess is beautiful too, makes me feel like a loved female relative is singing just for me.

  37. Gopi krishna Gondhi says:

    Just Amazing

  38. Thainá Gomes says:

    oes anyone have the lyrics?

  39. Breaking Barriers says:

    grateful, grateful, grateful.

  40. Vihang Pimpale says:

    Beautiful voice dear thanks nd much power fully meatitaion mantra.

  41. Elizabeth Leach says:

    Love this ❤️ makes me have goosebumps and I feel very emotional thank you x

  42. Le Tu says:

    Nang canh may bay trong dem toi
    Ky ao 7 sac rong cung bay !
    Cac ban deu la nhung nguoi dat den canh gioi sac khi trong khong gian
    Va cung chinh la nguoi tren thien dinh ?

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