e-Crime & Cybersecurity Congress 2017

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I was actually one of the people that
pushed for this event, so I absolutely enjoyed it last year and I’ll definitely
be coming back again. It’s been very very busy for us and during the breaks it’s full in here. So what’s nice about events like this is that people are here because they want to learn. Rather than come and be pitched at, what they know is that vendors are coming here to talk to them about real problems and how they
solve them. So I think this is where people get the opportunity to come and see that and hear the latest. Well the crowd is huge today, which is
fantastic, you guys have filled the room. We love working with you guys because
they’re high-end events in our key target markets and you bring the right
decision makers in the room. We’ve been to the Congress
before, we went to the Mid Year last year, and you know we’re really impressed with
the type of delegates, the senior decision-makers that come here. You know, we come here because it’s the right delegates, the right people to talk to. There’s always been fantastic companies, there’s always been fantastic speakers, that’s why we turned up today. The reason why we came to e-Crime is
because it’s a great opportunity to speak to end-users, to speak to people on the
shop floor who are experiencing the kind of threats that we’re trying to prevent
and work to, so we’ve done this event for a number of years and we’ve always found some great people to talk to here. We’ve had a lot of prospects and customers
arrive today, asking us the questions ‘what are your other customers doing about
this’ and ‘how are you addressing it in the market’. As an audience we can really
engage with them, the sort of people that come here are very interested in the sort of
things we have to say, they have a very highly attuned understanding of
cybersecurity and the nature of the threat landscape and we find that those
sort of organizations are typically those that want to progress what they’re
doing and stay at the cusp of all the latest developments.

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