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[MUSIC PLAYING] Facilities rely on power to keep
business running without disruption. Maximizing staff safety
and equipment lifespan is paramount to achieving this goal. With EcoStruxure Power, we strive
to help facility teams achieve maximum results, making the
power system work for you better than it ever has before. Connected power
distribution technologies unlock new opportunities for you to
mitigate the risks of electrical fires. It starts with high-quality
smart-by-default equipment to intelligently monitor and
protect from faults or overcurrent conditions in electrical circuits. EcoStruxure power lets
you go even further by unveiling insights
into your equipment that were never visible before. Over time, maintenance activities
and day-to-day operations can affect equipment
conditions, resulting in loose or faulty connections,
worn insulation in parts, or even forgotten tools or pests. These issues can be avoided
by detecting the hotspots that signal an impending problem. However, the standard method, periodic
infrared thermographic surveys, has some limitations. It’s expensive, potentially
dangerous, and may not account for sudden spikes between inspections. Continuous thermal monitoring
offers a superior solution. By installing wireless
temperature sensors directly onto critical connections, you can
continuously collect thermal data and more accurately detect electrical
fire risks before they occur. This reduces monitoring costs, improves
visibility, and can reduce or eliminate the need for periodic thermography. It also delivers a 10 to
one return on investment due to avoided equipment
damage and downtime. Schneider Electric can also continuously
optimize your maintenance operations with cloud-based analytics
that identify abnormalities for patterns for all critical
electrical equipment, which you can then address with proactive
maintenance on your schedule. To find out more, look for
EcoStruxure Power on our website. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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