EFSC – Cybersecurity Training

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At Eastern Florida State I am one of the
computer science instructors and I teach a variety of courses in information
technology including cyber security, digital forensics, computer repair and
Linux. We’re looking to create a new story around cyber security and we are
doing that by giving students the ability to engage in critical thinking
hands-on type labs. I want them to feel confident when they leave here that they
are able to actually change the story of what’s happening and educate not only
themselves but their peers. You really have to have a passion for cyber
security because industry is always changing. There’s always new threats.
There’s always new viruses. There’s always a new ransomware. If you don’t
like that then it’s not something for you. But I’m finding that students get
excited about it. They get excited about seeing what’s behind the scenes. It’s
almost like you get to tap into a world that you don’t really see on the outside.

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