#EIFAsks: What are the main challenges Europe is facing in the cybersecurity sphere?

November 6, 2019 posted by

– Cybersecurity is one of
the key issue when we want to build the digital
single market in Europe, and develop digital
possibilities all over the world. But firstly we need to be much more aware of many threats and concerns. Understand that cybersecurity
depends not only on technical solutions but
very often on our behaviour. Individual behaviour, so this
is individual responsibility. – I think one of the biggest
cybersecurity challenges facing Europe is really
a global challenge. And it’s coming down to user choice. How do users make decisions
when they’re in front of the keyboard, choosing whether
to click on a link or not, in an email. Choosing whether to open up a file or not. So much of cybersecurity,
even the advanced attacks, boil down to individual
choices that users make. We’ve made huge advancements
in this field in analytics, for example, and I
think the way that those get actually applied to
users, both individuals and at companies, is by using those
analytics in the background to help people make
better choices and to do risk assessments on their behalf. – In a more and more ever
digitised world for us it is important to maintain and
regain the people’s trust in cybersecurity. Our customers don’t want
to do any complicated security things, therefore
we have to work on easy to use security solutions. And that’s definitely
something the whole industry should do. And what we also at Deutsche
Telekom are doing with our Magenta Security portfolio. – What is key educational
issues if we want to have educated societies,
understanding what is going on at the area of cybersecurity. (theme music)

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