Envira Gallery Password Protect Addon

November 11, 2019 posted by

Hello and welcome to Envira Gallery. In
this video we’ll take a look at Envira Gallery’s password protect addon. Envira Gallery’s password protect addn lets you add a password to
protect your gallery that only allows access to people who have the password
and this is great for client work. To get the password protect addon, just go to
Envira Gallery, Settings and click on the addons tab. Find the password protect
addon and install and activate it. Then go to a gallery that you’re working on
and you’ll see the visibility area here. Just set it to password protect, add the
password, and update the gallery. Now if someone tries to view the gallery
they’ll see a screen like this asking for a password to see it. We took the
pain out of WordPress gallery creations and made it easy. Get Envira Gallery
today and start building beautiful photo galleries in minutes

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