Episode 44: Thanksgiving Safety

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– Thanksgiving, the number
one travel time of the year. Are you ready? We have tips to make sure you are. (upbeat music) Hi there, it’s Robyn Burdett with RE/MAX and I’m here again with Chris
Stone, my wonderful client, and a Loudoun County Emergency
Medical Technician, EMT. I wanted to bring Chris on because this is a really
critical time of the year that a lot of us are out on the road. Awaiting the line at the airport but more people are out on the road. I think AAA says, there
are more cars on the road Thanksgiving weekend than
any other time of the year. So Chris, I want to talk to you. What type of things do
people need to think about, when they’re getting on the road? – The first thing I think of is , your child car seat.
– Mm-mmh Statistics show that,
when we review those, most of the car seats are
not installed correctly. – Oh my! So what you really
wanna do is make sure that you reviewed your car seat manual and the manual for your car, to make sure that all of the components, they’re supposed to be
integrated with that are installed correctly. And if, first, if you have
any questions about that, there are places that you can go to get your car seat checked.
– Great. – Some fire departments do it but so, also do some, like
automotive repair centers and things like that. – So, I know there is, you know, sizes and, you know, you go
from back facing to front facing and age and all. I mean, is there really
different levels of attaching your car seat? I mean… – Yeah, absolutely. There’s a million of
different kinds of car seats and depending on the weird of your child, and the particular car seat, the, your manual will
tell you when to go from rear-facing to forward-facing and there’s also some state law that says when the kid can go from
one direction to the other. So, you really wanna make that
you understand all of that and that your child is
really secure in that seat. ‘Cause it’s really the seat
that keeps your child safe in a car accident, it’s not the car. The seat is designed to absorb
all of the impact forces and take the hits so
that your child doesn’t. – Oh, wow. And that’s important. I mean, we want our kids and everybody in our car to be safe. Do car seats expire? – There are expiration dates on them, so, you definitely wanna check that, and then, all of your car seats you can register with the manufacturer ’cause there is hundreds of recalls on all different kinds of
car seats, all the time. So, if you registered your
car seat and there’s a recall, the manufacturer will email you, and sometimes it’s just that little part that they have to send you
that you need to swap out, and sometimes they’ll say, you know, take the car seat and get rid of it and get a new one because they’ve
just found that, you know, there’s some defect or something and they wanna get it out of the market. – I know that a lot of
people say their child that’s not five, the car seat that they used
is gonna be just as fine, but it’s not only the wear
and tear, it’s the technology. – Well yeah, and each size of car seat should be fitted correctly to the child. And sometimes it’s just the
booster that you have to get because remember, that your car is designed
for an average adult. It is, your car seat belt is
designed for an average adult, it is not designed for a
five year old, a 10 year old, you know, infant. So, the car seat is what
makes the car fit the child or the sit fit the child. – Wonderful information, thank you. I really appreciate that. But, what about the rest of us? I mean, I don’t have a kid, she’s old, she’s 28. Anyway, so, is there something
that I need to think about, when my husband and I are
driving down to visit family? What other right hands do you have? – So, the first thing I would say is, you know, just don’t be destructed
when when you’re driving – Mm. – You know, leave the phone
away while you’re driving. I don’t know how many times
we’ve come across accidents and you know, it turns out
that for one of the reason the driver was just distracted and ran into the back of somebody. So, you definitely don’t want that, don’t be destructed. And then, outside of that, at least around here, you know, Thanksgiving can be a colder month. So just make sure if you’re
going on a long distance, that you have, you know,
some extra clothes, some extra food, water,
in case, for some reason there’s an accident on the road, where you’re sitting there for an hour, or whatever. – Or we have this little thing called I95, that on a good day, it
takes you 90 minutes to get to Richmond, on average day about three hours. (laughs)
– Right. I mean there’s always the traffic as well, so, yeah.
– Yeah. So in one of the things
I always worry about because I used to drive
a lot, back and forth, to go visit my parents and is sleep. I mean… Is that a concern nowadays? – Yeah, it always has been, you know, you definitely wanna make
sure that you’re well rested. You don’t wanna work a full day, you know, get the family in the car,
hit the road at midnight and think you’re just gonna
power through to the morning, you know, to get there
for Thanksgiving day. So, just make sure you’re well rested and if you have to switch drivers, that’s always a good thing too. – And I know a lot of
people, over the years, have relied on, like, Redbull
and five-hour energy drink. That, in its own way, can
actually destruct you. – Yeah, I mean, it can get
you really jittery and, you know, the best is always
just make sure you’re rested. – Yeah.
– So… – Well, thank you so much Chris. He’s been fantastic and
lots of great information, and as he said, your
local fire department, Emergency Medical Technicians, they can help you know what you need to do to make sure your family is
secure when you go on travels this Thanksgiving. I hope you guys have a safe Thanksgiving and as always, if there’s
anything I could ever do for you, please just give me a call. And, Loudoun County is very
lucky to have this guy. Thank you. (upbeat music)

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