EVE Online: Safety Settings

November 9, 2019 posted by

In this video we will be talking
about the Safety Settings which are intended to prevent you
from accidentally committing illegal acts against other pilots while you’re in Highsec or Lowsec. These illegal acts could otherwise flag you
as a suspect or criminal and we’ll cover these flags in more detail in other videos. The Safety Settings are located on your HUD, right here. There are three levels of Safety. Enabled Safety prevents you from committing
any form of illegal act anywhere in Empire space. This Setting is ideal if you prefer to avoid
confrontation with other pilots, but note that they could still try to pick a fight with you. Partial Safety prevents you from doing anything
that would grant you a criminal flag but allows actions that warrant a suspect flag, such as stealing from other pilots. Beware that while you have a Suspect Flag, other capsuleers can freely attack and kill you. Disabled Safety allows you to perform
any suspect or criminal acts in Empire Space, so you can attack and steal from other pilots at will. Untargeted modules, such as smart bombs or ECM bursts, always require Disabled Safety
as they can accidentally hit other pilots. Just remember that CONCORD will destroy
any pilot flagged as a Criminal in Highsec. It’s important to remember that your Safety Settings are only intended as a preventative measure
for accidental illegal acts. There is no need to change your Safety Settings
if a pilot is a legal target, such as if you are in a war with them. You only need to disable your Safety
if you are willing to lose your ship to CONCORD. That is all for now, fly safe!


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  1. Magnus Jakobsen says:

    ..what happened to rise's face!?!

  2. Stefan Damerau says:

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