Every Singaporean Son — The Animated Series: Episode 1 – Enlistment

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Don’t cry for me, sayang! This is not goodbye! This is merely farewell.  Sayang, don’t go! I have to go! For yonder lies a beach of pure white sand and unconquered jungle. I have to go! And I must conquer it! Sayang, what are you doing? Sayang…why won’t you follow me to Tekong for my send-off? I have afternoon shift. I’ll see you in a few weeks’ right?  Be strong, be brave! Sayang, don’t be stupid! Socks green; five pairs , Garters; two pairs Toothbrush, toothpaste, mess tin, mug Pa, they will go through the list later  Later! Later! Always later! Officers lead in front! Men follow later! Understand? Maybe I don’t want to be an officer Hmm? What did you say? Of course, you will become an officer! You just need to get a bit fitter! You are made for it, son! Just like me! Ma, stop it lah! You must make a good first impression Wait they cut your hair short, short look toot then you know!  Ma! I’m pretty sure we are all going to get the same toot haircuts! Remember to call me tonight okay? I don’t even know if they let us use the phone! I don’t care! You ask the sergeant to talk to me if they don’t let you! There! There! There! You see! You See! That kind sure first to kena the toot haircut one! I assure you Ma! First or last! We all going to get our hair cut the same way.  Bro! Just now you were instructed to unpack right? Oh ya! Ya! ya! I know! I know! I thought that I would rest first! A bit tiring today!  Sure! No problem! Take your time!  Thanks Sergeant!  Hahahaha! Tiring! What tiring? When I say unpack you better unpack, understand? When I say rest, then you rest!  Sorry. Did I speak too loudly? Oh! Not loud enough?  Tell you what! I’ll continue talking until all of you lot wake up your idea! Gentlemen, listen up! I am your platoon sergeant! Sergeant Lee! And like my name, I can appear Suddenly! And every time I come into the bunk, the first person who sees me would shout ‘Room!’, and everyone will stand by their bed, understand?  Yes, Sergeant!  Hello! When I ask a question you all better answer like soldiers! UNDERSTAND?  Yes, Sergeant! Welcome to Cougar Company! No…Ma, the sergeant didn’t punish me! Just scolded! No…Ma! I don’t think it will help to complain to our MP. (background sound Chinese mother bickering) Sayang, I miss you really bad! Don’t worry, I will conquer BMT like I conquered your heart! Sayang? You there or not? No Appa, I wasn’t made section IC. No Appa, I don’t think my OCS chances are screwed.  Hey bro! No calling parents or girlfriends ah? No mate! My parents are overseas and well, I got no friends here! Wah! Sial lah bro! Your English damn tok kong man! Some more your body nice ah! You sure damn tops one ah! Where got no friend? Got time, teach me English ah! Mine is damn chui! Hahaha!  I literally have no idea what you just said! All of you lights out! Now!


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  1. tothemoon says:

    I was in Cougar Coy back in the day.

  2. Bamboo01 says:

    pog NS anime

  3. Hyde says:

    Very inaccurate. Lack of vulgarities and insults from the sergeant.

  4. Officer Liaw says:


  5. Aliff Danial says:

    When the platoon scolds, I felt that.

  6. dingus says:


  7. sealwoon says:

    Add sub-titles please. The youtube auto subtitles cannot make it…..

  8. Sean says:

    4:35 He littered the chocolate wrapper

  9. Christopher Das says:

    Brings back memories of my time in Bronco Coy, they were tough but a learning experience I will never forget!

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