Every Singaporean Son — The Animated Series: Episode 8 – 24km

December 4, 2019 posted by

Eh wake up lah, marching also can fall asleep.You have a gift man! Eh bro, why you walking like a crab? Abrasion, bloody hurts! Alamak, you didn’t moisturise your hot spots ah? What happened? He got abrasion. No problem, one more klick only. I will help him walk. Sure? You okay or not? I’m okay but I think you should ask Fahmi, Sergeant. Boy ah, wah piang so hot here, you stand so long you okay or not? I think ah… Ma, I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me. Hey hey, you little brat. Is that any way to talk to your little sister? Dad! Mum! You guys came! Wouldn’t have missed it for the world. So how are you feeling? I’m feeling like I could stick around this place for a while. Hey Appa, I don’t think I’ll get into OCS. Where you go doesn’t matter, what matters is you did it your way. I’m so proud of you son. Sayang, I had some time to think and … Buddy! This is my sister, Wendy, She’s not been back to Singapore in a while. May need a tour guide, if you know what I mean. Nice to meet you Likewise So like I was saying… You wanna go check out Gardens by the Bay or something this weekend? I can bring you around, get you reacquainted with the place. Sounds awesome yeah


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  1. tothemoon says:

    We did our 24 klick in Tekong and we were damn happy because our most siong sergeant went to the platoon sergeant course.

  2. Fahim Gamer says:


  3. Jaaziar says:

    Hazbin Hotel is better

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