Exercise Starlight – Mass Casualty Training

November 3, 2019 posted by

Our focus this week has been on
humanitarian aid and disaster relief it’s a huge part of what we would be
expected to respond to so we’re trying so we’re trying to emulate that foreign environment as
we would for real time as well So this person was involved in a car accident
both legs are open fracture so the tibia the bone right down the middle here.
We’ve splintered her legs you can see the splint and a crepe bandage
just to help minimize any more movement that could yea cause more pain or injury
to the open fractured area and so just continuing to monitor her, keep an eye on
her blood pressure pulse rate and keep talking to her make sure she’s conscious
and other than that she’s pretty stable So we’ve got more patients than we do
resources and medical personnel and so as the medics come in it’s their job to
use their clinical knowledge to triage the patient, decide who gets
treated who gets evac’d first and potentially who has to wait At the moment we’ve got one more serious patient unconscious and unresponsive but still alive at this stage we’ve got a pretty serious patient
here for now these two other priorities It’s quite a challenge for the medics,
it’s not something we do routinely so it’s really good to get that practice in So at the moment we’re looking after Adam we are currently battling with
getting him EVAC’d within a certain time frame so we dont actually have any EVAC available at the
moment so just got to make sure that he doesn’t deteriorate he doesn’t
start to show any signs for infections in his broken legs and also that he doesn’t start
getting hypothermia so pretty much keeping him stable and keeping him comfortable until we can get him out of here Usually medics are supporting
other exercises on their own and they’re split into separate operations so this
is a chance for us to actually get to work alongside each other and help each
other out throughout the week

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