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what up boys welcome to the stream we back at it again with another Bank streaming video it's gonna be time to get in there to collect our cyber dragon pieces was a good negate turn that's good Derek my boy so miss you Dan over here yes mr. puffs the boy is sleeping I had to put him to bed my boy he was acting like an extra baby this is well this evening if I fed him and put him to bed ghost Ricky was good my boy Ryan was good my boy yes it's early you're early Gigi Gigi 7 C early early enough to catch these free to play blessings okay free to play for you to play blessings yes collect these free to play blessings easy money you say keep it for 20 too late my boy too late no too late my boy for 20 bins that's not that's not good today my boy that's not lucky today my boy no one watched you're duelin my gossip GM so let me change it to a waifu real quick forgot you gotta have a waifu to get free-to-play blessings I forgot you change this rifle real quick for a wife hmm which wife who shall I choose we're gonna go with Alexis Rhodes Yee all right here we go we got lettuce roads we already took these free-to-play blessings my boy now we gotta go GX my boy we got bgx Alexis Rhodes correct that BG X my boy oh wow only the wife who can get the waterfall in the wreck my blessings I'll soon have my free cyber dragon going in 427 gems but the clap this entire box right now I'm about to end this entire boxes career and get a free Cyber Dragon can he do it with just one pack no you get Oh fish with an effect monster activates shuffle one of your banished fish see server or aqua monsters in your main deck into the main deck negate the activation destroy it Oh fish that's hilarious triple Knight beams it's gonna be disgusting man that's gonna be disgusting all right going in 357 packs hook your boy up right now hook me up free-to-play waifu blessings we're lack of ice barriers well you control another face of ice rare monster both players must set spells before activating them you cannot activate them until their next turn I like this I like this you can normal some of this level 6 monster that's 40 spicy lies oh fish guard penguin this cart is is that when you take damage from a cart effect except during their damage step you get special some of this car from the hand and if you do gain Life Points equal to the damage you took okay Chris Tron rose and eggs can't read there that's too tiny but never me I'm free to play yes yes yes yes it is my destiny to carry on the power of the neverbeast ripple-carry pelea triple lion could evil the energy you boosted me with five thanks my boy coming through why boy it comes through the deck though they said what interdimensional swap oh no they put this in the game select a monster your opponent controls with an a counter on it switch control of those monsters with a monster you control oh my god it's alien creature swap oh my god see the trap only the truck are only good for aliens no my boy well yes it is only good for aliens but this card is broken if you get if you put eight hours on any monster you creature swap it if you creature swap it rid of recruiter you can get more cards out this ya understand you can summon you actually you can summon this put two counters on it and then creature swap busted thanks for the free to play blessings but I must continue and never meet here I go I call upon the powers of Konami and with my 500 gems I'll collect my cyber dragon I'm going in for just one water back one pack three bow you liar fire going in for nine pegs gosh these bags these packs Oakland open up these packs I wanna see your backs nope tingling get out here lolly mermail get out here not root olefrog oh what's going on cannot be used as a synchro material whoo this cars name becomes des frog while this up in the field if this card is in your graveyard you could banish one frog monster from your graveyard special summon this card none touch red Greg Miller my boy thanks for that dank dollar donation I'll use it to get more packs for it Oh get in there get these rebellions my boy to collect these hot rebellions only I can get the wagon I desire plus aliens and mermail to put everything in this box I want in need oh the boy I missed the knife boy by accident it becomes back I'll acknowledge him return to us nice boy returned to us nicely it exists I take all the mermail beasts what's good a lone wolf I'll go back to the stream the side chick has returned mermail abyss side chick she's coming up to recce i entire career all right kanabi you blessed me with my side chick and the ultimate never means combo now it's time that you get a taste of my mighty credit card I draw hold on there Konami I still had two dollars in my Steam account from my laughs offering with you do dollar discount do English nation three belies mermail abyss neckbeard oh no you can banish this card from the graveyard to activate one of these effects increase the level of all mermail monsters you currently controlled by one increase the level of all mermail monsters you control but to increase the level of art in sales by two hmm interesting mermail abyss neckbeard hmm that's very interesting did you just lie to me again kuriboh did you just lie to me again god he likes me again just give me another Marilla beside cheap please oh I was about to go to bed fuck now I'm a dream a nightmare penguins come with my jammies with no pants no that's why they want my jammies cuz they warm and they're comfy and he's cold I draw a credit card get rekt i activate my credit card special ability by using the information already logged into my computer I can accept the charges for 567 reveal the value come on good Oh Oh anybody nice amazing all right boys he's gonna have to remember that incantation you're gonna have to remember that spell you have to activate your credit card reveal I accept the charges for 567 you shall get what you desire don't forget to say it but some iron hands in the chat please wait can I get some iron hands of the chat god damn it maccabe's smack down my whip penguin smack him down smack down oh fish don't smack down my cypher track I've been waiting 20 years for Cyber Dragon dd Vasari settle this prismatic d+ No no thanks dog no oh my god crystal 'ok potential all crystalline monsters you control gain 300 of them things for attacking defense once for time during your end phase you can do it o cards equal to the number of fish drown monsters you synchro silken sister Chris Tron cinder that's a letdown white fish salvage what white fish a salvage what is this you can target one fish-type monster in the graveyard or tilapia add it to your hand you can only use the effect of one white fish salvaged per turn if this card is in your possession destroyed by an opponent's card effect and sent to the graveyard take one fish monster from your deck and either add it to your hand special summon or deep fry it god damn white that's how you save a white fish damn they should evil eyes rejecter –boom what is this why I gotta be a wife it come eat on the inside it's fish reject rebound well opponent monsters declares a direct attack in the battle phase Nami then you can special summon one Tuner and one synchro monster from your graveyard but they have their effects negated oh my god oh my god that is a incredible negated tag that's crazy that's crazy that's crazy Tripucka Debose don't you triple Kariba lie to me again aquamarines triple kuriboh lies again wait that was that data worm thing former from the ladies what are you doing here aren't you a Cypress this heck worm oh no it's a machine if your opponent controls a monster you can special summon this car from the hand that's crazy cosmic fortress gaga okay spice I'll take it but what you're really saying is you're gonna give me that deep sea diva go ahead give me that deep sea diva fun go ahead and give me that deep sea game I'm gonna put five on it real quick little extra five on the side so I gotta spend my box money come on i activate my credit card again and by the power of ad funds I can use my stored information to purchase again reveal 5:34 and present the value talk about these well the grizzly what come on Jack wavern Nani you bench this card and tiger on machine monster you control then target one dark monster and the grave that special summon it you know use the effect of Jack wyvern once for a time oh that's across my mill abyss seductress honey miss mystery shell dragon now before dark were in 2008 a mysterious living matter that surrounds that suddenly appeared from a different dimension attack its attack paralyzes the targets nerves and causes intense hallucinations why I read like a pokedex where's the legendary text of like your boy Oh Don I'm looking for this Amur man warrior that relentlessly attacked those who pollute the Seas with their while we're trying to tell me that goddamn living habits of this beast but they telling me that this man will execute you for being in the presence the presence of the goddamn seat and I want you to see this now we can fully see this because now you have this full image on the left this is clearly blood my boy from all the victims look at this don't you see this shirt he murdered a man for this is no cuts and stabs in the front because he stabbed him in the back because his presence polluted the goddamn seat not his trash not as bad attitude he was there he had to go look at all this blood look he's even got blood in his eyes blood in his teeth but no blood on his hands cuz he's righteous goddamn it send the letter cease salute my boy yeah yeah I'm using the pack right now I'm going in for a peck right now whitefish salad I want a whitefish you know what I won't give it up actually I do want a whitefish this is a whitefish I wanna ride add our fish and without you I need it ain't playing with you come on make make oh great again my makeup a great forever my boy oh yeah that's right my boy it's the green in his eyes my boy is the green in his eyes for all the lives he had to take to beat pollution my boy come on let's go Beto Jenna armadillo with Miss cards on something you can add a gym night monster from the deck to the hand oh my god that's pretty damn good come on Oh single fish are single fish come give me a deep sea diva Oh a single fish are the single fish I put your fins up blop in my cup just ball up went belly up doing my own fish sign glossy he kinda looks like a blue Spyro breath breath this would be the real nightmare penguin oh my god I can't believe it oh my god he's like it's made nightmare break quick okay damn it don't you love tranquil no go home nightmare penguin you stink damn it come on bless me my kuribohs dammit don't lie to me gotcha gotcha game gotcha get it a gotcha did you think you've got a bullet deceived Eve a cyber dragon buddy gotcha may bother oh yes I've got all your gathering in a place there that's a gadget-gadget the sad part is it's true there we go I don't know what's up with the madness I know I did give me this clap right now what's up trendy spell what's up Jacob my boy was it done what's up you go what's up my boy Pablo was good my boy take one 1000 will good my boy Solis is cheaper than TCG that is very true cheaper buy up a few hundred arguably a few thousand depending on how you play the game oh wait was that a new abyss super without a new soup I equip does the new mermail soup equip wait what could it possibly do royal swamp eel please like burn if this car is uses a synchro song because I'm monster bird all the other synchro material monsters must be fish brah Robo lolly seven breath stop playing me somebody please but no no no no no no they got away with it again my god damn it'll be worth that if I know what this car does equipped to a mammalian monster it gains 500 400 of those days and attack when a monster effect activates the gate dish so you have one from monsters one first planning all right damn it I don't want to put 20 more dollars into this box I don't want to do it when I could try to put 20 in a new one and try to get mop balls I'm gonna put him no no Chase Bank of America BBE 7-eleven they wasn't ready Oh No No I don't be night o Bhima night o night o Bhima pretty good but I didn't wanted I will trade anybody right now straight this may go be why nobody lies enough to smack that shit down huh when everybody wanna smack down my night beam huh huh why ain't nobody smacking down my night be my but this guy dude once we're telling you discard two cards to the Graveyard to target the same number of cards your opponent controls and destroy them oh my god oh my god this is a level seven water monster bruh oh my god oh my god it's a water monster I didn't even notice that Oh some level seven water I can't wait oh my god fuck this Oh bless me bless me so I can reset this box please oh my god well at least it's only three okay here I go here I go go here – get up don't hit her get up it's go ahead I'm putting in nineteen eyes come on creep and just put it in I'm creeping with there's ninety God said let me just slide this 99 in there let me just walk away deep sea diva and ain't nobody gotta get hurt you know what I'm saying all right all right I have now offered my jammies take my jammies Kaname take take my jammies hey hey hold on Konami hold on I said you can take my journeys where I tell you you ain't had to bless me come on me where my blessings at hold up about to call the police get up come up my twenty balance games gonna give me these chords named unicorns for the hammy jpgs my boyo come up up you the left hand usually fire ho ho so then I come up with these JPEGs right now run all your JPEGs on the down-low right now I need RAM come everybody come up I do JPEGs put your flash drive on the desk and I'll bet now you know virus everybody gonna buck ejp makes tracking onion audio zip folders Oh No sidekick come on come up about these JPEGs and give me deep seed favor no come about these JPEGs so da become about these jpg not damn it candy see Deva stop messing with me come on me like go ahead said the direct deposit up when we set up Qaddafi at my bank account no cut out me stay away Cadabby my Baker countess Kagame likes going here set up that direct deposit don't worry buddy go no sir my donate thanks for that dank dollar donation my boy but lack Goku 4000 I was gonna say Goku black but I was like like you trying to give me kind of like these cards you better come about this wallet I'm like no Konami I'm I ain't that roof you can't be asking me for all this money come on Meowth you're begging don't be begging me give me all your money dawg that's eat biggie no that's a request give me your money get me the funniest thing yo buddy if I do this and going down all right I can't let you have my jammies for $30 Kaname please give it to me for five I spend $15 from Babbitt $15 on the side bless me don't play they come oka nothing please oh my god oh my god just hand it over how's that you still in the box oh no oh no please just let me beep CDs hand it over come on leave CD you just handed up please no you're not a DVD ba all right come on me take it take all my jammies take it take my Duckett's relinquish upon to be my ducklings my snaps my chips my cheese Thank You Kaname take these quacks take these slaps take these snaps god damnit hey give me what I want come on how about to say if it was right there I would've been but it better come anyway come on oh my god what are you doing a little baby thermal no don't do it leo turtle below goddamn it come on oh my god oh my god you gotta be kidding me I guess give me the deep sea beaver before I before I fish moves my before I lose my fish and mind fuck go white fish up in here get flaky and delicious become delicious went fried actually I forgot actually a guy had to go god damn totally forgot oh my god no or Dolphins oh okay that brought me the life just a little bit one of them of course I need it please please Sentinel of the sea if you here to cut me you may cut me but before you do know this if I don't get the deep sea diva I will welcome your slashings wait a signal that can finish me it's me it's me said the boat finish me from being in the presence of his seas oh my god I ain't doing it ain't doing it I can't believe it I can't believe it they're 40 cards left in the box 40 No I mustn't do this and mustn't activate the powers of my credit card there are those with legendary credit cards that have now no restrictions but my credit card is not working boys I checked the baybel there is enough your mind deep sea diva basically big boss is back ah with the power of donations yet boy we're gonna pull it we're gonna pull one and our guaranteed you are then after he pulled a guarantee you are guess what we're gonna open up the new box and we're gonna open up one fag then it will truly be destiny deep deep sea diva I don't get that beep CD bum I have the commit sudoku nothing it's like don't do a dog the course you don't get a dog you pay for 48 packs is only 40 the game could delete itself there's still suspense here you don't know where we going with this know what's happening come on look at this brah did they really put deceive even the last impacts like mad animals no no no no there was never any hope on time this whole time there was never a chance I was always finished I was born done tilted clapped destroyed for the last pack in the entire box was BC diva no sure sparrows baby turtles debit the last peg they want every dollar all right you gonna hook me up deep sea diva on the first pack I still want my deep sea diva I still won't it it's a good first pack but I still want my diva you better hook me up right now oh my god damn deeper give me a goddamn btv buy a plan that DC diva well at least I got three though guess I'm playing aliens yes guests are doing aliens guess so guess I'm playing aliens got three guests though well final render the donation came through my boy they may let me walk away with nothing I know about the al-ma all in those jammies number two a love mile in those jammies with my alien donation to say Madonna Kaka fucks with tui I could fuck sweet – that's what's up good boy up all of one is one monster hook me up with the monster please I need another deep sea diva oh my god please please oh come on just give me the deep just give me the deep sea they lobby slowly uh load yeah come on give it easy beaver god damn it diva down reject Lee bone this is it my final pack has extinguished all donations in my credit card and now I must accept my fate it is the final credit card Oh back ooh yeah with deep sea diva yeah please play that I paid for come on up god damn it there is no justice in jewelinx I have been clapped but I cannot complain for the packs purchased were not in vain I now have two more mill ambitious and two cyber dragons and honestly honestly come on you know what I'm saying no French on you stop it with the nose don't you save the baby turtles you don't bring happens to them debit I was in the middle of my friendship speech and you're beating Turtles with rabbit damage listen I appreciate the dank donations which led me to my Cyber Dragon and abyss beasts which I shall not mess with but I made deep sea diva so I'll have to go back to work to clap those hours to gain the ultimate spell card called w2 and when I get that W to pay check these packs are finished take that konami i'll be back with my paycheck back No and you'll be the one to collect this cash no please look back but yes my boys it's time for aliens and I got aliens – I think for that pack – so it's time for aliens it's time I'm gonna write up on my whiteboard it's time for aliens aliens Gonzalez it's time for more Neos it's time for the never me I had the hey klg with the see stuff attack never miss to see you thinking about it still and we're gonna have to do we got an IE Magadh my boy the cyber wagon boy cuz it's an engine cyber wagon for game Neos smackdown konami HL paycheck i love my boy damn it my boy is ramen and double cheeseburgers for you my boy not even double cheese my boy ramen and hamburger for you my boy no cheese man you need that 30 cent that tax add a quick uni hamburgers my boy i suggest going to White Castle my boy and giving some of them stanky ass burgers that'd be real good in the middle of the night that will send you to the shadows in the morning but it was worth it when you got him and ate them with your friends god damn I miss White Castle damn good ass shit but never get the microwave White Castle Oh No welcome to YTB a fool reviews I'm whitey Dan never get white castles in the frozen section you're finished never buy any bread food anything that has a bun and a frozen never ever buy them never ever everybody why would you buy it come on folks what's the deal with buying white castles come on what's the deal why do people buy white castles in your grocers freezer for five bucks and you can get them at the White Castle place for five buzz without me with that I'm dead I'm about to get out of here alright only neighbors kids will understand I gotta go to bed cuz I gotta get up for taxi for training tomorrow then I'm off for an amazing adventure on Friday or Saturday and then I'm back again for more live streaming action I'm working on some videos and some new stuff I haven't been uploading because I've been working through some creative things dual links movie is on the way but not very very soon but soon enough and it's been with being worked on lots of cool new things in the work some new yugioh style content just making sure it's gonna be perfect when I bring it to the boys but that's all I got to say about that I'm out of here thanks everybody for hanging out and as always keep and free to play


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  3. We need to Limit Sentinel of the Seas too many strong words

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    Geez. Why all this wanking for cyber dragon? :/

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    I think the mini box before this much better than this main deck..I got gems..but maybe I will skip this main box

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    Im bought 2 Cyber Dragon for 7500 gems. Bye my hard grind gems my bois called me im must answear 😀

  7. Konami: What did this box cost you Dan?

    Dan: Everything…

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  9. Ken Ji says:

    Make Mako Great Again!!

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  11. Got all the Atlantis cards but one cyber dragon…tilted

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    Draws Abyssteus in the first 2 minutes! THE TIME OF THE ATLANTIS NEVA MISS IS NOW

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    I keep missing your streams due to being sleep 💤 🙁 I had time differences but hey man I’ll watch it all later and see if you got lucky. Also sleep well Mr Puffs

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    It started free to play then took a dark turn to addict city damnnn dan

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    dang I missed the stream didn't notify me til it was done rip

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    Like #69 😏😏😏😏

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