F5 Security Vignette: iHealth

August 13, 2019 posted by

Security is a never ending battle. The bad
guys advance, we counter, they cross over … you’re just never done. To give our
side an edge we do a lot of research. So, a while back, one of our engineers was
talking about a paper he had read detailing how hackers are currently targeting weak passwords. Taken by itself that would be interesting,
but not necessarily useful. But then one of our techs suggested a test. We have this cool service, called iHealth,
where our customers can upload their configurations for a comprehensive analysis. It checks things
like are you using the right version of software, or are there config errors, and so on. Our tech suggested we test these configurations
for missing updates, patches or potential vulnerabilities. He wrote a simple test that
checks the customer config to see if there’s a security update available for them. We found
that 71% hadn’t upgraded yet. As a result, we added a version check to our
iHealth system. Now our customers automatically get notified, so they can get the update and
the vulnerability is handled. Advantage F5 customers! F5. Security is our job.

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