FaceApp and privacy – Interview of Elliot Alderson on CBCNews

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a new surge of interest in a social media app is raising new concerns about privacy users including celebrities are using face app a downloadable program available on Apple's App Store and the Google Play Store it lets you apply filters to your photos to transform your appearance to make you look younger or older have a different look or look more masculine or feminine those can be shared online and on Twitter Facebook and other social media sites but if you do use the app what are you giving away besides an altered version of your image Baptista Beth is a security researcher and cyber expert he joins me now from Toulouse France okay so Baptiste this is not a new app but it has gotten popular again and there are concerns about privacy and the company that created the app are those concerns well-founded well not all the concerned the first concern we saw on Twitter last night was people saying that this application was uploading the content of the gallery to their server and this concern is totally false the only photo which is upload to their server is a photo you want to modify but it doesn't mean there is no privacy concern to this kind of application because when you use this kind of super cool application you will give your personal data to this company so you will take a picture of your face and give this picture to a random company you don't know who is behind this company and you don't know all yours your personal data or your photo will be used outside so this photo is not yours anymore when you upload when when the application your face up is uploading your photo to Twitter Sarah so what I mean does that not raise concerns in your mind that the photo is not yours that it could be used I mean what could it be used for yeah people need to understand that when they use this kind of application there for photos I try to modify is not yours anymore and also they need to use that this kind of photo can be using in the different context for example you can use this set of picture in order to improves and facial recognition algorithm this kind of algorithm can be using for CCTV and Street for surveillance system so before trying to jump on the on the trend even try to think about you privacy first and say okay I want to use this cool application but do I want to exchange my personal data do I want to exchange a picture of myself against these three cool new service and you downloaded the app to check where it was sending users photos and faces what did you find yeah this is what I do so the first thing I did is I set up my phone on I intercepts the network traffic between my phone on the outside I wanted to see which kind of which kind of network request we are done by face up when normal user is using it on what I saw is the only upload done by the application is when you modify your photo on only the photo you modify is sent to the server in order to apply the filter because the filtering is done on on the cloud not on the device itself but on also there is a register process so at the beginning they will register your device and they will get some device information like your device ID the Android version on the device version but this is quite typical and this is quite common for this kind of face apps privacy policy this is what they state that they quote will not rent or sell your information to third parties outside face app but it also explicitly says it shares information with third party advertising partners in order to deliver targeted ads how concerning is that yeah there is a contradiction here on between the the privacy policy available on their website and the statement on today and their privacy policies is very vague but this is not this is not unusual for this kind of application and if you download an application uncheck the terms and conditions you will see this kind of very vague and not good privacy police policy everywhere so they need to fix that as soon as possible for sure and the reason is a issue with recipes they are not gdpr compliant and as they have some European users they need to comply to GDP and to do that they need to ask the explicit consent of the user before sending the photo to the server and today this is not implemented in the app Baptiste appreciate you taking the time thank you very much okay thank you cyber expert Baptiste about joining us from Toulouse France


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  1. Dākulin says:

    Rien de très nouveau, encore du 'sensationnel' tu cherches encore du travail apparemment…

    L'art de transformer une évidence en scoop.

    J'ai vraiment eu honte pour la France quand j'ai entendu ton accent de la campagne. Puis tu aurais pu te raser et te laver le visage sérieux…tu reste un égocentrique avec un pseudo de gamin, arête de te la jouer lol

  2. Prakhar Sharma says:

    Your tweet says something different from your opinion here.
    You said it was safe to use

  3. Salman Shaik says:

    Is the Guy Actual Elliot Alderson…?

  4. Ashrut Sharma says:

    That's a very strong accent.

  5. lovearch says:

    Lol really 😂 looks like chutya 😂 really he does!

  6. Shekhar Srivastav says:

    Here after seeing your tweet. I must say your English speaking is as good as Aadhar's Data security.. 😁😁

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