Facebook is sinking back into bear market after emails reveal Zuckerberg knew of privacy issues

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24 Replies to “Facebook is sinking back into bear market after emails reveal Zuckerberg knew of privacy issues”

  1. Welcome to the world of the ignorant Internet

  2. Mark Zuckerberg has been given to many chances

  3. Facebook owns Instagram people

  4. Part of the Hacking problem in the United States of America

  5. Yeah he’s a loser big time I watched a movie about him in 2010

  6. Jesus. You guys are hella dumb. Stop complaining about how they are taking away your ad revenue and get with the times.

  7. Damannis says:


  8. Greed is good. Break the bitch up.

  9. FB did contribute a lot to this privacy concern. Most recently they outed a guy who made a fake video of Nancy Pelosy. That was a very bad example of no respect for privacy.

  10. Low C C says:

    All these Americunts companies now must be banned totally.

  11. Zuckerberg has a face you want to punch

  12. "Penis-head" Zuckerberg is once again allowing attack-ads, obviously manipulated, from Trump allies i.e. fake video attacking Nancy Pelosi. Zuckerberg is a greedy sissy and coward, afraid of his master, Trump and gaining more wealth.

  13. Jaime Costa says:

    This is what happens when you have a crazy presidente

  14. judge crater says:

    Time for the FBI to grill FB.

  15. Chance Mack says:

    Your crazy. This stock is going to be like Gold in 5-10 years.

  16. American tech companies are acting way worse than what the US government accuse Chinese tech companies of.

  17. Ken Fogarty says:

    Over and out, for FB!

  18. Dow Jones stay 26,000 points the same level few points up or down.Wait for new tweet from WH and market reaction

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