Facebook under fire from another privacy controversy

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what you think of that journal piece yeah we're both Journal alums they they put some work into that yes yeah a lot of shoe-leather reporting there we obviously they didn't get to see the emails in question themselves but talked to multiple sources seems like there's compelling evidence that you know the emails reveal what I think we already have long suspected which is that there is a pattern and leadership of trying to brush this stuff under the rug or trying to dismiss it or not taking it seriously enough I mean we talked about this before on the show this comes down to more than just the letter of the law or in this case the letter of the consent degree this is about the spirit of it I mean is this a leadership team that wants to come out and say we're gonna go above and beyond when it comes to our privacy of our customers our most valuable relationship or are we going to try to you know do the bare minimum that we can in order to abide by the consent decree question is who's the customer right does any of this matter until an advertiser says you know what I'm not spending my dollars with you I think that's true and but I think what what this what this revelation we know that Facebook violated the consent decree and that's Cambridge analytical its various settlements and missions by Google's that is my facebook that it misled its users over privacy I think what the implications of what happened yesterday or that there could be potentially a public relations problem a sort of oil spill a sort of toxicity to to communications with Zuckerberg that could come out which likely intensifies Facebook's willingness to to settle with the FTC I'm gonna do something very unpopular and actually kind of take up for Facebook on this one being that in 2012 they were just barely passing the 1 billion user mark Facebook was a very different company than the company knew today the year before at f8 they had opened up the Facebook platform in a way that I think was very unwise and started kind of handing out data to all these developers and it seems like they didn't have a grasp on what that would really do and this Mark Zuckerberg you know at least the one that we've seen so far seem to be him saying really they can do that and back in 2012 that means something different when viewed through a lens of 2019 and their dominance and our understanding just how destructive that move of theirs giving away data really was John I disagree because I think the argument that you make is valid in 22 2008 2012 Facebook is under a consent decree with the FTC which has very specific requirements well you know there are apparently other emails that are implicating as well that the journal did not see we don't we can't actually decide I by 2012 Facebook was had been not only sort of identified by regulators as having problematic privacy but the regulars had taken action which was this consent decree and so well you know their practices as we know over subsequent years including episodes like Cambridge analytic oh we're we're pretty clearly not compliant with at the very least the spirit of the 2012 consent decree but but pretty pretty apparently also literally with the consent decree I can't help we don't know whether there's a smoking gun here or not we don't know what the specific details of these emails are or how many emails have stretched out over here you know over a period of time but what I wonder here is there's this debate about whether the FTC is gonna personally named Mark Zuckerberg and hold him liable for the situation and what does this report do for that argument yeah I think that that's part of the public relations challenge that Kevin has referred to earlier you know this makes it very personal this isn't an anonymous set of executives hashing out and trying to understand and you know to John's point look if the context of this email really is whoa I didn't even know this is possible that's certainly something to consider but I don't think that the sources that have been talking to the journal are sharing this information because it seems like maybe there's a misunderstanding and the CEO didn't realize that all of this stuff was capable capable of being shared I think that these emails the fact that they're coming to light it's the process to me suggests that you know Zuckerberg there's a name and a face now associated with this particular problem and it is the CEO one who has from the from day one made it very clear that you know he is has super voting rights super control and so that he would suddenly be what who's who there's a problem me seems a little out of keeping with the way that this company has been run what you make I'm sorry we're gonna say I think which has implications for how this plays out in terms of regulators and potential legislation in other ways like PR effectively becomes one of the one of the things that that is a factor in the outcome for Facebook but we saw recently at their annual meeting the majority of voters shareholders who are not mark zuckerberg voted to remove him as chairman obviously he controls the company but that actually says something significant but it is symbolic right I mean it's slowly symbolic but the symbolic becomes actually significant as we get into this next phase and in Boldin's antitrust regulators and others to actually take a harder harder line on facebook we have twenty twenty elections coming up where this is potentially among the issues that Elizabeth Warren we know Elizabeth Warren and others have identified you


5 Replies to “Facebook under fire from another privacy controversy”

  1. keivan sabbaghi says:

    If you have problem don’t use Facebook and quit whining. Even 20 years ago everyone knew once you put something on internet, you can’t take it back. So it is baffling to me why this has become so hot as if it is something new.

  2. Dennis Tienesen says:

    Doesn't matter who the CEO is. It's the corrupt government who demands Facebook to go against all rules and legislations. If those war criminals stay alive, all US companies will be corrupt.

  3. Skeptoptimist says:

    I've stopped using FB, so happy! Plenty of other alternatives. Love Zoom.com for video chatting.

  4. Harry Chu says:

    Sandberg will need to take one for the team and step down.

  5. markjakes soos says:

    I’m siding Facebook all my info is out people naw calling me to sell shit

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