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using plant protection equipment reduces exposure and thus reduces risk to the pesticide applicator the applicator should wear gloves while mixing pesticides with water….never mix pesticides without wearing a hand gloves as the person doing here. the pesticide should be mixed with fresh water in separate bucket and pour the content directly into the sprayer use a respirator or face mask to avoid the risk of drift and splashing use face shields to protect your face and eyes from direct splashes of pesticides. in order to avoid the risk of drift and splashing of pesticides use a rubber rain hat or cap. always wear gloves when handling pesticides. do not use gloves made of leather, cloth, or natural rubber as they will absorb chemicals. make sure that the gloves do not have holes or leaks wear a water proof apron while spraying never handle the chemicals like these guys are doing use protective equipment.. it is a must In general, more toxic the pesticide, greater the need for protective equipment wear long sleeved coveralls over full length pants and ong sleeved shirts pesticides are readily absorbed through the eyes and can cause eye injury avoid eating, drinking, smoking and touching UR face during pesticide application spray when the wind is blowing away from sensitive areas do not spray when temperatures are greater than 30 degrees Centigrade after application clean yourself, personal protective equipment and the sparyer which is used for spraying. thank u for watching video..plz subscribe youtube channel GREENCROSS FOUNDATION

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