Fastest Way To Take Out The Robot In Safeguard (Best Weapon To Use To Disable The Safeguard Robot)

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all right so safeguard is now out in black ops four I did a video on this already but I want to see what's the fastest way to disable the robot and get 150 points for doing so and I wanted to test three things so I already know what the answer is but I'm gonna show the testing and hopefully you guys learn a thing or two in this video now I've seen some false information on the Internet including from one of my favorite youtubers I'm not gonna name drama but that particular youtuber said that headshots don't matter and he also said that FMJ doesn't affect the robot which I believe is true but I'm gonna test all these things the problem is you can't go to safeguard in a custom match right now so that hampers and hinders my ability to test so I'm gonna do this live and of course I'll cut out the nonsense where I'm not near the robot but what basically what I need is a fresh robot with zero damage and then I need to test a few things now I am on my son's name because one of the weapons I'm not high enough level on my own name to get so if you see the user name Nolan's super saiyan that's because I'm not on my own name I'm on his name so let me just cut a head and we'll get the testing started we're gonna find out what's the best fastest and easiest way to destroy the safeguard robot all right we have a fresh robot here let's see if we can get a few shots off I see that guy right there but I want to hit this these guys out of here first that was one got-dang it it's too looks like that guy hit one three this poor so it takes for Sabol rockets to destroy alright so this is the Titan here whoa with FMJ one and FMJ – did that guy just call me an F word you sit there see how many or how long it takes see I can spray all these guys down I'm shooting through something there so all right so we got a good a good test there let me just spray some more I kind of want a fresh robot let's see if we can so FMJ I don't know why my aims went all haywire so as you can see it takes forever with FMJ – so I don't think FMJ – does anything but let me just switch to hope that's not the right one I'm just I'm just friend I need I actually need to die so that's why I'm just spraying here because I need to switch classes but apparently these guys are gonna let me actually kill me there we go alright so here's the titan holy leg Batman this is the Titan without FMJ see if we shoot him in the head if it does okay so we got enough shots off there to see alright so now we're gonna test the mozu with the operator mod against a fresh robot but you have to hit it in the head so let's see if we can line this up alright so one two three four five six seven so eight shots more or less let's just try that again because it looks like I'm a little delayed alright so I'm gonna try that again see if I can sneak up on the robot here here we go one two three four five six I don't think that yeah it's about eight that other guy was shooting too but before so that it looks like it's eight shots to the head that's a one-shot kill rather so as you just saw if you're not aware of what the operator mod on the mozu does it quite literally makes it a one-shot headshot kill from infinite ranges and you can also equip this scope here which is pretty nice pretty nice for zooming in the headshots are so nice with this this gun is so amazing I got stuck on the wall there helps have you hit your headshots on what the heck think so I don't know what this but I don't want that boxes right there but the game just glitched and I don't know that's weird let's see we can cut some hit oh hey weird glitch I don't know what that was super weird it's like a white box but anyway that's the power of the mozu let's see if I got are you kidding me are you kidding me so by far one of the easiest ways not today to destroy the robot is by headshotting it with the Moses I don't know why it lagged there did you see how fast that got destroyed though it's insane this game is is just all sorts of laggy here I don't understand why but let me see if I can show you again when it fully reboots here kill this guy first it just drops it so fast the only problem is you only have six six bullets in your magazine so it makes it a little difficult oh and now yeah so nom I'm out of ammo completely because I was using it so much but without a doubt the mozu with its operator mod absolutely destroys the robot I'd highly recommend running scavenger or crash for his basically scavenger ability because you burn through ammo quickly well let's see if I can get up to it and headshot though there's guy right there headshot the crap out of it I mean look how fast and then you could probably even yeah I wanted to see if I can mail it but that guy took it out before me let's try again we're gonna be right next to it did you see how fast it disables it though I mean I demolished it I think I said it takes eight shots oh there's a guy right there shoot all right let's see someone else is spraying it too so this is gonna be even faster than normal but look at that that is insane but you do have to hit it in the head so I'm just gonna put this down to get a little more ammo but I guess that's how it's supposed to be obviously because you're never gonna be shooting the robot by yourself or at least you shouldn't be you should always have teammates shooting alongside with you so let's see if we can get some shots on yeah look how fast that is I'm telling you this is the way to go so technically you should never be shooting the robot by yourself since this is a team-based game and with other people shooting now watch how fast it goes with other people shoot I mean and you get full credit for it provided you hit the the lash on let me just heal up so I went back and I looked at all the footage I just captured and it looks like FMJ doesn't really do jack squat so if you're running a Titan with two extended mags and two F MJ's it's not worth your while FMJ does nothing well maybe maybe a slight improvement it's it's hard to tell because I can't test in a private match and it's really mucking me up but what we did see is that the salvo is quite good for rockets and if you run fast lock to lock on to them quicker although you don't really have to lock on them you can just free fire but sometimes the rocket goes all over the place but definitely run rocket catch because that gives you what does it give you five rockets total and remember it takes four so without this you'd be running out of ammo unless you have crashes ability now fast loader is immensely helpful as well now I tested high explosive on my account and from what I saw it doesn't do anything either against the robot at least so by and large the best attachments for the salvo are fast loader rocket catch and fast lock but the best thing weapon I should say in the game for destroying the safeguard robot is the mozu with its skull-splitter operator mod now one thing of note here you don't have to have high caliber on I tested this now this I could test in the in a private match but high caliber doesn't I mean once you have the operator mod it's always a one-shot headshot from any distance without even without the high caliber so don't waste an attachment on that you're better off using like speed loader or quick-draw or stabilizer or something other than that when you have this operator mod equipped but as you saw it takes eight shots and unfortunately you only have six in your magazine but your teammates will always be shooting at the robot as well and when they're shooting and combined with your skull splitter it destroys it in quite literally under three seconds it's it's remarkable try it out yourself give it a whirl and remember you have to aim for the head now I didn't test scorestreaks and specialist items because I need a proper setting for that and I'll do that whenever this comes to a custom match well I don't know when that's gonna be they haven't even added nuketown yet so who knows how long that will take now some people have also told me that some of the the bayonet type attachments do wonders against the robot as well like oh the vapor has one the vapor has the bayonet in fact so if you want to try that someone said that that's a nice attachment as well however you got to be right next to the robot for that and what are the odds that's gonna happen at least with the mozu you can be you can be halfway across the map if you want as long as you have the compact scope it makes it so easy to zoom in and get a headshot and even if you're not just going for the robot it'll make your enemies rage beyond belief just getting a headshot absolutely destroys people and their morale


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  1. Adam says:

    Wait nevermind it just seems weirdly inconsistent. Edit: i feel like it's better with long barrel and the damage falloff over range might be why it feels inconsistent

  2. Phony R says:

    Tabor, you should touch up on black out soon and how the challenges are still difficult (even on xbox) because of campers 🙂 I'm losing my mind that I still have to get top 15 and I have yet to get her with 2 top 19 and 24

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    I really like your cod videos please keep making them!!!

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    Thanks for making another helpful video (Eons thanks Tabor Hill for making a helpful video)

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    Tabor if you couldn't get a spray code I got 15 and can give you one

  9. the1niddo says:

    So Xclusive did another update on Safeguard including this combination… and found another one. SDM + HC + Extended Mags + headshots = dead robot in 14 headshots, magazine has 16. Currently the fastest way to take out the robot, but seeing as its the only gun where headshots have mattered outside of that pistol with the skullspliter it may be a glitch that gets patched out. Made no difference with say, the Paladin.

  10. Ch Mythic says:

    Tabor if you could can you shout out my name for mixer my user is natertater2424 if you could I’d appreciate it. Much love to you I just want company so, I know I’m sure I know I’m streaming for a reason.

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    Love your videos bro keep them up man. ❤❤❤❤

  12. Nightmare says:

    Did you watch aces new video on this? He cleared alot of things and revealed the fastest way to destroy the robot.(its not the mozu skullsplitter)

  13. 1up4u says:

    5:30 Ooohhh !!! I got that bug too !! the white square !!
    I am playing on PC, do you play on console ? Is there anybody here who got that bug too ?

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  15. CanYouEven 180 says:

    Try battery’s cluster it destroys the robots health

  16. RetroSpikes45 says:

    Can I try to 1v1 your son nolan

  17. ImFAULKn says:

    Next you should do which specialist abilities are most useful for safeguard.

  18. ImFAULKn says:

    I absolutley love this video I actually learned something I found my new safeguard class. Keep it up man great content as always!

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    Just a question.. you often talking about your son. Black Ops 4 is a pegi 18 game, am I wrong? How old are your son?
    Edit: Pegi 18 are rated so by a reason. Do you buy alcohol, tobacco and porn to your kids too? Im not a hater, opposite. Like the most parts of your videos, but I think both parents and stores gonna be more careful with the pegi rating and more serious about it.

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