FL leaders to launch database giving law enforcement access to student records

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keeping kids safe or violating their privacy every parent needs to hear this next story in just a few weeks Florida leaders will launch a new database for law enforcement to keep tabs on students good evening everyone thanks for joining us someone D Ryan I'm Paula groanin for Jamison new here at 6:00 tonight ABC Action News reporter Sarah hollaback with what information law enforcement will now be tracking and why some groups are raising the red flag the new database will help law enforcement get easy access to school records mental health reports and social media reports for any student in the state of Florida with the start of school just around the corner Alexander Nicholas wants to know his child will be safe should be the number one priority in America right now that's why he supports a new database that will compile information from dozens of agencies into a single database making it easier for law enforcement to find red flags the more resources they have available to collect information the better but 33 civil rights groups are worried blasting off an email to Governor Ron de santé is asking him to scrap the database think it's just outrageous ray Arsenal with Pinellas County's ACLU chapter says it's too invasive enormous possibility for Mis interpretations or overreactions he also worries it will keep students from receiving mental health help afraid that we added to the database but Dave cavity a retired FBI special agent says this new database is crucial but when we're talking about security and safety you can never have too much information couverture says agencies need to better communicate the man accused of carrying out the attacks in parkland was on the radar the school district FBI and mental health agencies but an investigation revealed information wasn't shared between them something like this is in place you know last year already in the works we could have probably prevented you know 17 innocent lives from being taken governor DeSantis says the database will not be used to label students as threats but could provide timely information to law enforcement to intervene before lives are on the line state leaders hope to have the database up and running by August 1st reporting in Pinellas County I'm Sarah Hollenbeck ABC Action News

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  1. Scott Walters says:

    This is a bad idea, why this has not been done before. This will prevent people from getting mental help to avoid the list. Please don't sacrofice our privacy for a illusion of protection.

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