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Hi! My name is Elena Persson,
and I work at SAS. Today, I’m going to show you a few
things you may never have noticed. This is what the cockpit looks like.
Snug and cozy. This is the captain’s seat,
and this is the co-pilot’s. In case anything happens, there are
four oxygen masks in the cockpit. One here, one on the other side, and also just below their seats. In case of smoke development or a fire, protective gloves must be worn.
Here they are. If the captain and co-pilot can’t get out,
there are two emergency escape ropes. They open the hatch containing a long
rope, and swing out through the window. If you have flown before, you know that
there are emergency exits by the wings. Now I really feel like an air hostess. The passengers have to help open the
doors in case evacuation is needed. One thing you may not have noticed, is that in most planes, there are torches. Next time, have a look inside
and see if there’s a torch there. It might come in handy. We’re approaching
the back of the plane. You may have been upset that there is
never room on the luggage rack here. That’s because we carry a lot of oxygen. Here’s a first aid kit. I keep some more
oxygen down here if anyone needs it. This is the very back of the plane.
Our little galley. You might hear someone say
“Crosscheck and report”. That’s when we arm our slides. We cross the window
so no one opens the door from outside. That would inflate the slide
and cause some problems at the gate. In case there’s a fire on the plane, there are Darth Vader-like masks here
that work really well. Up here, I keep a megaphone. Ready to get tinnitus? Coffee? Tea? This is supposed to be used outside
the plane, to make yourself heard. That was a little peek
into our secret world. Thank you, and hope to see you
on your next flight.


25 Replies to “Flight safety with SAS – Learn about SAS safety gadgets | SAS”

  1. Oliver Appelberg says:

    Hon vill jag ha på mina resor, jätte go kvinna!

  2. Agent0range67 says:

    Du glömde brandyxan

  3. SuperEdge67 says:

    Don't understand a word she is saying……but I'm in love

  4. Jonko piet says:

    in 1000 years these girls dont exist anymore if europe keeps letting migrants in their country.

  5. S Zeh says:

    good promotion. plane is probably looking newer than the rest of the fleet 😀 and damn the FA is cute.

  6. Steven Farrel00 says:

    did you have the safety video?

  7. Francesco DiCorato says:

    wow cool

  8. Malte Berglund says:


  9. Malte Berglund says:


  10. Malte Berglund says:


  11. timo elias says:

    så søt^^

  12. Peter Olsson says:

    jag vill fråga dej om ni har väl handskar på er ni flyg vändiner häls mats engström

  13. Beatrice Holmström says:

    bra video älskar sas

  14. Nina Tuyet Nhi Tran says:

    meg har  vært sas Trondheim til oslo

  15. Death PPoint TV says:

    Denna video gjorde mig mindre flygrädd.. Tack

  16. Casper Bradley says:

    Helt jävla skitbolag

  17. Leoncasper says:

    I dont fly with this Airline full of stupid white niggas

  18. Angelina says:

    Kommer åka SAS i sommar till Danmark

  19. GoldenDragon says:

    Jag gillar SAS, Finnair och ANA ^_^

  20. Canada Aviaton says:

    Den Flygvärdinan är jätte bra! Jag vill ha henne i flyg

  21. PontusTheBanan's House says:

    Hon är den bästa och roligaste flygvärdinnan på hela SAS! Elina Persson är bäst!

  22. Neset Baba says:

    Danmmark fly

  23. Hugo Öredal says:

    Har ni inte brandsläckare i planet

  24. norwegian 001 says:

    Norwegian airline

  25. zzz zzz says:

    Så strejkar vi igen sååå synd om alla piloter som har sååå dålig lön….

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