Food Safety and Blockchain: Trust Through Transparency

November 6, 2019 posted by

This year we’ve seen a record number of outbreaks
recorded in the United States related to food. When an outbreak does happen, public health officials
actually interview patients that have become ill. They will find out food histories. And when they start developing a hypothesis
on what they think the food vehicle might be, then they have to trace that back to source. And the way that works today is largely
a paper trail exercise that sometimes runs dry. Food is a physical asset.
And we all appreciate it, and it’s very fragile. We’re digitizing attributes of food so that we can
enhance how it flows from farm to table and run a safer, smarter
and more sustainable food system. With a blockchain traceability solution,
potentially you can scan a product and trace that product back with precision and accuracy
to source in seconds, not days or weeks. One of the features often talked about of blockchain
is that it’s democratic. What we mean by that
is that it creates shared value. Today’s announcement is a very exciting one. We’re asking suppliers to join us
in promoting greater food traceability. In the future a customer could potentially
scan a bag of salad and know with certainty whether it’s involved in a recall or not. When it comes to food safety,
it’s not a competitive issue. We all win or lose together.

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