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Today, business runs non-stop, and work takes place
wherever you turn on your device. Independent of location and office hours, mobile workers
get productive like never before. But more workers on more devices
means more threats and more vulnerabilities. Mobile platforms
are a growing target for cyber criminals. Public wifi enables work on the go, but it is also inherently dangerous,
open to interceptions and snooping. In addition, lost and stolen devices expose
your business to data theft and leakage. To cover a spread out network perimeter, you need straightforward,
unified and powerful mobile protection. Built around one central portal,
Freedome for Business gives you full visibility and control over all iOS
and Android devices in your company. It lets you protect them
from malicious websites and apps, and blocks out spying attempts in unsafe wifi
networks through a secure VPN connection. You can also secure your business against
the real-world danger of lost and stolen devices. Eliminate data breaches
by enforcing strong passcodes, and by locking or wiping
missing devices remotely when needed. All with efficient central management. While at it, you can create
extra value to your employees by letting them choose their virtual location and protect their privacy
by blocking tracking attempts. We know managing a growing number
of mobile devices can be painfully exhausting, and risky for business if not done properly. Don’t just hope nothing happens. Take control with Freedome for Business.


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  1. ConsultCORP Distribuidor F-Secure says:

    Antivirus Corporativo / antivirus para empresas.
    A Consultcorp é solidária com confiabilidade é o cerne dos valores corporativos da F-Secure e nosso principal negócio inclui um elemento ético forte. As atividades da empresa em benefício da sociedade,  protegendo os usuários de internet e dispositivos móveis contra vírus e outras ameaças on-line que são produzidos por criminosos. 

    Consultcorp – Distribuidor F-Secure Brasil – o F-Secure esta focada em  proporcionar a melhor proteção antivírus, antimalware  para ambientes corporativos.  

    Contate-nos para escolher uma revenda F-Secure em sua região.

  2. Godwin Toke says:

    The best way to insure secure services while Surfing online regardless of location for your business man

  3. Kim Cúc Võ says:


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