Frequentis Explainer: Secure Communications

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dave is a well trained and experienced military operator working in a Joint Forces headquarters he leads a team engaged with managing air sea and land assets within his assigned area of responsibility the systems that Dave uses to achieve his mission come from many different sources and include separate independent displays and communication systems each with their own interfaces Dave needs to communicate using radios landlines and satellites communication in secure and non-secure channels this course is they've a big problem due to security restrictions he has to ensure there was absolutely zero crossover between secure and non-secure communication he is very happy to have the frequentist ISEC comm system because the challenge for operators is to match disparate secure systems to ensure that the right information is sent to the appropriate recipient and vice-versa while dave is working on this I said calm he recalls a situation from his time before he received four quintus products back then Dave could not access secure communication directly to access any of the many available secure systems they've had to leave his work position and switch to a secure area to make the secure call which makes his job very difficult to manage efficiently this often had a significant effect on mission effectiveness and cost a lot of critical time a real alarm gets Dave's attention he continues to work at a single situation on the wareness screen next to his frequenters VCS I set comm solution this is a state-of-the-art IP based secure communication system that makes both secure and non-secure communications available to Dave on the same working position I said comm is the only operational fully certified red black switch it allows they've to seamlessly switch between secure and non-secure communications accessing all available connected networks from a single workstation now with access at his fingertips Dave can maintain situational awareness and is able to more effectively perform his duties for the first time all his communications are supported by legal recording Dave likes the flexibility of I said calm and it allows him to set up the control panel to suit his operation only with a comprehensive set of features this solution only has a small footprint to ease constricted space requirements and can be deployed with ruggedized equipment to support transportable and mobile units they've likes the fact that it's scalable because he knows he can add more capability to the headquarters by increasing working positions if budgets are now want to know more about tomorrow's solutions that are already available contact frequentist today

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