Funniest Wood Shop Safety Video!

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Frank yes sir look what the problem is I made I wrote this on the crib welcome to the technical skill center model shop it's a fabulous place to blend design and creation but there are a lot of rules here not because we particularly like a lot of rules but for your safety which is our primary concern what follows is a brief explanation to some answers to frequently asked questions or f/a cues and pay attention there'll be a quiz at the end who can use the technical skill center currently enrolled students only no significant others no parents and no workers hired near Home Depot you must have a current ID and display it while in the model shop and to check out tools it will speed things up can I help you oh hey dude can I check out one of them plasma cutters you got an ID no next Oh is there a dress code sorry yes you'll need closed toed shoes no sandals because things happen also you'll need full-length pants no shorts or straights allowed please choose appropriate clothing for the shop as long as we're talking about clothes don't forget to roll up your sleeves so they don't get caught in the moving parts oh and did I mention that long hair needs to be tied back this student is very smart and doing very well the student knots over and we don't care for students using the equipment with headsets do I really need to wear safety goggles to use the equipment yes you will not be permitted to work in any of our rooms without proper eye protection but I remember back in the old days before that became a rule handy tip wear gloves to apply epoxy and superglue try to disconnect my mind but let's not forget about your hearing the shop is a noisy place a virtual cacophony of creation and long-term exposure to it could cause damage to your hearing in the upper oral frequency range what you could damage your tympanic membrane huh you'll go CPSC that'll old fart beep I don't like beep so where should students mix the chemicals [Laughter] hazardous chemicals like spray glue epoxy bondo and spray fixative need to be used in the composite lab where proper ventilation is provided we also have a problem with students spraying paint and spray glue on benches or sidewalks leaving the campus graffiti and ugly if you are caught doing this legend has it bad things will happen I really need to be aware of other students while I'm working yes although creating clean models requires you to focus intently you should always pay some attention to those around you so can any student use the equipment in the model shop no you must have had a class that teaches about the power tools or be currently in one of those classes the danger of most power tools is in not understanding the dynamic forces involved for instance on the table saw you must keep the material down to the table against a fence and move it all the way past a blade or the saw will throw it back at you on the bandsaw the blade pushes the material down to the table so the material being cut needs to be down to the table already to make the cut watch your fingers the bandsaw is not a sculpting tool always ask shop instructors for help if you are unsure about any procedure power tools are dangerous but the most dangerous tool in the school is the exacto knife here are a few safety tips on using the exacto knives safely brought to you by the fine people at exacto always use a sharp blade don't apply too much pressure use several light passes to get the job done and don't cut towards your hand or your leg or your best friend and don't gesture wildly while holding on to an exacto knife now while the students store carries exacto products they may not have the latest addition to the exacto product line x-acto adhesive medical bandages exacto replacement fingers and exacto suture kit for do-it-yourself stitches how much sleep do I really need here it's a technical skills model shop your safety is our main concern if you have any questions or concerns about any procedure come and talk to a shop instructor we will either walk you safely through the procedure or even do it for you but remember safety lies mostly in your own hands be careful and we'll see you in the model shop you you Oh


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  1. Niels Henrik Kristensen says:

    Such! Beautiful work and fun

  2. Egor Lisitsa says:

    If you want to make it yourself just look for woodprix website. There is all you need to make it 🙂

  3. Enrico Meloni says:

    so fuckinmgfunny keep up the fucking work

  4. Rituraj Kangle says:

    Dat woman is deadly as fuuuuck

  5. LUKE T says:

    i really liked the part when everyone died it was fuunny

  6. ravi Singh says:

    8uu cunts

  7. ravi Singh says:

    fuck u

  8. ravi Singh says:

    u retards

  9. ravi Singh says:

    u fuck u

  10. BTMcGuffin says:

    well then… I guess someone doesn't like snoopy.

  11. ravi Singh says:

    this video was fucking shit kill yourselves

  12. LUKE T says:


  13. Rituraj Kangle says:

    This video is so sucky and mucky and ducky and rucky and poops poop like a poop

  14. joshua tippett says:

    i think that you should delete this video and your channel

  15. Evan Papoutsis says:

    Good video 5/7

  16. Rich Mayfield says:

    They "demonstrated" a lot of unsafe things that even I would leave to a stunt crew.

  17. Cole Cormier says:

    My teacher showed my class this

  18. Wafflez says:

    1:47 if someone isn't wearing pants, make sure you hit yourself as hard as you can with a board and try and knock yourself out!

  19. Harold Theraypist says:

    this video sucks ass

  20. Steam Bot says:

    Omar has a big nose.

  21. LockJawStudio says:

    Pause at 4:23.  You're welcome.

  22. chrissy chaulagain says:

    Nice Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Antonello Astonishing Woodwork Takeover (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my work buddy after many years assembled the most beatiful woodwork project with it. 

  23. Aaron Thomas says:

    5:45 Cleanup Viking! So important to cleanliness in the shop. hahahaha

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