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gained the police training and education needed to become a police officer from the highly regarded gateway Technical College Law Enforcement Academy on the Kenosha campus the Academy includes training and unified tactics firearms emergency vehicle operations defensive end arrest tactics and tactical field exercises students get into the Law Enforcement Academy in by two different methods either they are self sponsored in other words they they pay to come here or an agency hires them something like the Kenosha police department or the Sheriff's Department Racine sheriff they hire them and they send them to the Academy I chose this program because from an early age I knew I want to be a police officer it's out of many ideas that I thought I wanted to do as a career this was the one that stood out the most one that always stuck with me to me it's something that I've wanted to do but what really brought me to it was I needed to do something that I was going to have enjoyment in doing so they they enter our Academy kind of you know not really aware of what they're going to be doing but by the time they graduate you can see them growing confidence and growing their ability to interact with people the Academy can be completed in fifteen weeks for students that attend full time but to accommodate busy schedules a part-time program is also offered currently we run three academies a year I run a full-time Academy that starts in September 15 weeks Monday through Friday and a full-time Academy that starts in January that 15 weeks we also run a nighttime part-time Academy there's a lot of folks who have to work they have family demand so our part-time Academy starts in September meets every other evening from 5:30 until 9:30 and then every other Saturday so the part-time Academy starts in September and graduates in June the gateway training facility houses a defense in arrest tactical room and a sim city training area we have some excellent facilities for our training we have a fully matted room so it's mats on the walls and on the floors where they do defense and arrest tactics and we're really excited about our simulated training city right here inside the building we have a house scene and it's got a kitchen a living room a four year of bathroom a bedroom closets all the things you would find in a normal house so when they're going into a home to do an investigation or they're having to arrest somebody it's not like the first time they've been in that situation the Sim City is really unique and it's great for training purposes it's great because they can offer us training in that situation as a recruit that when we are hired as a police officer we're gonna go into those situations and we're gonna feel comfort in that in that area that we're gonna be in it makes for a facility that helps us accomplish a complete training program the facility also houses a firing range for pistol training and access to an emergency vehicle training course yeah at Gateway we have a firing range in the basement of the technical building here on the Kenosha campus it's a it's a five Bay firing range and we can go right from classroom right down to the firing range is it's really convenient that they have one right here at gateway and making sure everyone gets the right amount of reps in and getting enough practice so that you're able to pass the tests and be effective in the field when we go out to the drive-in track we do repetition after repetition and then they'll get involved in doing pursuit driving and then what do you do at the end of a pursuit we call it the surrender ritual how do you get somebody out of the car who is just fleeing from an officer and how do you take that person into custody to ensure the highest quality of training all of the instructors in the Academy are either active duty or retired police officers from local municipalities law enforcement officers who are actively serving as law enforcement officers those are their instructors and they work with them they mentoring they work hand in hand with them showing them best practices how to do this how to be a successful those law enforcement officers they each bring their own point of view a lot of them work for different departments so you get to learn a little bit on what how they perform at their department as opposed to others they set you up for success you have to put the effort the 110% effort but they give you the building blocks per se to be successful at everything that they teach you so their number one priority is we want to train you to be a good police officer and that's a number one priority is that you can go out there be effective be efficient and be safe graduates of Gateway's law Enforcement Academy can find careers as police officers probation officers customs officers and security professionals and those positions can be anything from a law enforcement officer or a police department of sheriff's deputy for a sheriff's office we've had several of our students go on to be DNR wardens you know some of our pursuing jobs with the State Patrol when I graduate I'm looking to become either a police officer or a deputy sheriff when I graduate from the police academy I want to become a police officer either police officer deputy sheriff or possibly work in in a correction facility when students come to the law Enforcement Academy a gateway the one thing that they should recognize is that they're going to come out so much more knowledgeable than they enter they're gonna have life skills that help them handle situations that happen in real life to everyone but the ability to enter into those situations and to bring peace and calm out of chaos is a rare skill and that's what we're able to impart to our students here and that's why this program is so successful to find out more about gateways law Enforcement Academy please visit GTC edu slash law – enforcement – Academy

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