Gavin Williamson sacked as UK defence secretary for Huawei leak

September 13, 2019 posted by

British defense secretary Gavin
Williamson has been fired over the leak of a key decision related to the Chinese
telecoms company Huawei from a UK National Security Council meeting an
investigation was launched last week after the Daily Telegraph newspaper said
the UK government had agreed to let Huawei participate in some aspects of
Britain’s 5g mobile network the US has been lobbying its allies to exclude
Holly from all 5g networks that could allow the Chinese government to access
data and its networks Williamson denied he was the leaker in the TWiT adding he
chose not to accept his resignation because it would suggest his guilty

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  1. HYUKLDER1 says:

    Five Secretaries of State for Defence since 2010! They don't last long; now sack Remainer ministers and civil servants.  Who is to say whether or not they spy for EU?

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