Google Drive for Work: Secure sharing

July 12, 2019 posted by

Your employees need
to share documents to work with each other. And if IT doesn't provide
the tools that they need, people will use
what's convenient to help them get the job done,
even if that means third-party tools that might put your
company's data at risk of all kinds of threat. Give people the tools that
they need to be productive and to keep information safe
with Google Drive for Work. With Drive for Work, you can
choose the sharing level that's right for you. Limit sharing to within
your company only or allow people to share
externally, and create individual settings
for each Org unit so that information in the
Research Department stays confidential, while
Sales can share externally with clients. If you work consistently
with other Google Apps organisations, perhaps a
subsidiary or sister company, you can set them up
as a trusted domain so that people can share
with that organisation, but not anywhere else. And to share
information quickly, you can turn on Preview so
that employees can share things outside the company,
and recipients can view the document
without needing to sign in with a Google account. With all these
options, it may seem complicated to stay
on top of where information is being shared. But with custom
alerts, you can choose exactly what you care
about, such as when there's a suspicious login or when
drive settings are changed, and receive a notification
wherever you are. Google Drive for Work. All your work, safe, available
everywhere and easy to share. [MUSIC PLAYING]


2 Replies to “Google Drive for Work: Secure sharing”

  1. G Suite says:

    We know security ranks high in the list of priorities for companies moving to the cloud, which is why we’ve made it a priority in our products from the start. Now, we’re taking even more steps to keep information safe in Drive, with new sharing controls, alerts and audit events rolling out over the next few weeks for #GoogleforWork and @Google for Education. Learn more about the #driveforwork security updates:

  2. Colin McCarthy says:

    When will @Google for Work improve the default security settings on shared Docs? The default security level should not be 'Edit', but 'View Only'. Also we need an 'Edit' and an 'Edit and Share' security level. The default of allowing all editors to changing sharing rights is a security risk.

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