Halloween Safety 2019

November 7, 2019 posted by

Did any of you wake up this morning like
me and realize it’s Halloween and you don’t have a costume? Today I’m here with some last-minute ideas and some safety tips to make sure you and your loved
ones have a safe Halloween. The first idea is a crime scene mummy. It’s really
important to be visible when you’re out in the neighborhood trick-or-treating so
that everybody can see you. This is a really good idea for visibility but
maybe not so much for flexibility. Another idea is a PPB bicycle officer.
Make sure that you have a helmet, some lights – so that people can see you
because it’s going to be dark out there – and most importantly a receptacle for
your treats. Another costume idea for you you can be a chief of police. Make sure
you bring a flashlight for safety! Remember it’s really important to have a
responsible adult inspect your candy before you eat it. There is a candy tax for that –
don’t try and call us to report a theft. Regardless of which Halloween costume
you decide on, it’s up to all of us to keep it safe. Remember if you’re going to operate a motor vehicle we ask that you do it
sober and expect the unexpected. There’s a lot of kids who will be out and about
running around in the neighborhoods and we need to be expecting them and watch
out for their safety. Remember our officers are out there
keeping it safe and we appreciate your help.

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