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my name is Harry Leslie Smith I was born in 1923 in Barnsley back then there was no social health care my oldest sister Marion contacted tuberculosis when she was four and it gradually got worse and worse over the years my mum did her best to take care of her in the end although my mother regretted doing it she said to my dad we will have to take her to Bay workhouse infirmary I just can't manage anymore she died in that infirmary when I went back to England in 1948 I'd extended my service in the Air Force the NHS was open very fact that I could walk in there see a doctor and walk out without paying a penny that that was sure he was a miracle I'm Charlotte I'm a registrar in obstetrics and gynecology I've been working in the NHS for five years now I feel really really proud to work for the NHS it does great things every day for so many people I'm really concerned about the future of the NHS more stretched it is everyday cuts are being made and people are frustrated they can't go to their GP so they end up going to any if it continues as it is the NHS as we know it will in exist anymore NHS is not just important it is essential and a healthy society means a healthy country but it's really important to me what it's gonna look like for us right now and for future generations I don't want my path to become Britain's future we must make sure that the NHS will continue for you your children and hopefully your grandchildren a different government would make different choices labor will guarantee 20,000 more nurses 8,000 more GPS 5,000 more care workers a GP appointment within 48 hours no one will wait more than one week for a cancer test and result the NHS provides hope and security for all of us and that's why we must protect the NHS you you

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