HE BROKE INTO MY HOUSE!! (Will my Doberman protect me from a break-in)

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what's up guys how are you freaking doing so I have a super special video for you today and I got my puppy Charlie definitely had to bribe her with some treats can you can you speak Wow don't bite daddy's nose okay here you go it's okay so I'm doing a really special video today where I was always curious as if a burglar were to break into my house what would my baby girl do because she's super protective I don't know if you guys know a lot about Dobermans but this breed of dog is incredibly incredibly loyal and protective of their owners so I was like what if a burglar broke into my house what would she do because sometimes I remember I've had friends where I've like left the door open before they come because I knew they were coming over can you shake shake oh good okay there also if you didn't know like one of the smartest breeds say how did the camera look at the camera it's over here right here's the camera okay they're one of the smartest breeds and she is somebody who has held some of my friends at the door because she didn't know who they were so I was like oh if I had a burger come in with like a ski mask and wearing all black and everything what would my dog do it's a super really cool experiment that I seen done by like insider edition online can you speak speak okay that's close she doesn't like to bark because she's a lady and she's very polite and very beautiful aren't you oh you're pretty girl kick is he give that kissing okay well that's close enough so I asked my friend John to come over and break into my house which I thought would be really cool so he's gonna come into my house wearing all black wearing a ski mask and we're gonna see if my baby girl Charlie sit lay down lay down late I know there's not a lot not a lot of room too late it's okay she's really smart she can sit and lay down and do all the works I want to teach her really cool tricks but I'm not good at that I just she's so cute so I just like to feed her uh so I'm gonna go over to his house and I'm gonna help him get ready and he's gonna break in to my front door come in I don't know if he's gonna scream he's gonna yell or what he's gonna be doing specifically but I'm gonna see if my little girl cuz my little sister be home too so my sister she is very protective over me and my little sister so I was like I think she would protect us if somebody came into my house I know she's gonna go crazy but I don't know if she would attack Charlie would you attack for daddy would you would you help save my life would you speak if you'd save my life speak speak louder speak louder speak speak speak that's close enough Delaney she doesn't like to scream so we're gonna head over there and I'm gonna help him get ready and we're gonna see what my little baby girl is gonna do and I think maybe hit me feeding her is gonna make her like don't touch my daddy because he feeds me really really good trees is that right lay down now you got rid of you lay down today yeah you're smart girl her favorite thing to do is go to the park again if you guys don't know any about Dobermans they're one of the smartest braids I think they're the fifth around a fourth or fifth smartest breed and there by breed a watchdog not unlike a guard dog so that's why people get like a bad rap about Dobermans they typically clip their ears which I never clipped her ears but her tail is docked I just got her like that um but she's such a cute little girl aren't to you you only care about the trees she's over she's like all right I know what you're doing I'm not stupid Dobermans are very very very loyal to their owners very there again they get a bad rap because they're kind of a scary dog like a junkyard type of dog like a have you seen movies they're always the dogs that are like the scary ones shake shake Oh Shay put in my hand there you go good girl this is gonna be a super fun video and it's gonna be a really cool experiment I hope you guys really enjoyed this cuz uh I know Charlie is you just want the last big chunk you just wanna do you want it sit you're gonna sit off-camera sit all right guys uh enjoy okay guys so this is John I know you just saw him a little bit ago he locked himself out introduce yourself first of all hi my name is John closet another singer-songwriter we met like what is it five years ago now yeah we met my ex factor you ended up being put in like a little group yeah in that ended up anyway we actually been talking for probably months now about oh yeah cuz I put like I think I put something on Facebook and I was like hey anybody want to get attacked by my document or something along those lines his mom is like tell John I love your mom this happened yeah and he agreed to like potentially get attacked by my daughter I'm super excited so I'm gonna be sitting next to her when you do all of this so she's gonna be like what's happening and what happens if she comes at you like what is your first initial reaction well I don't know I mean we've been talking about this for so long I know I like planning and like preparing for this room uh for Avery's role yeah my big rollin friends I've literally watched like attack dog videos really how I could like stop it so you're not gonna sue me no so I want you to show everybody what you're wearing okay so let me go get it yeah brother because I'm like really intrigued as to like what you're gonna be wearing and like this is my dog bites you it's gonna not gonna tickle Jeff really sharp teeth cuz I brush them all the time i floss her teeth I don't floss your teeth she's a dog oh this is gonna be fun this is gonna be super fun I mean so excited for this and he thought any thoughts th OTS are eh alright so first because when I got bite if she if she bites you which I literally haven't she's never bitten anyone she's never like attacked a dog like she's very territorial very like sassy she's kind of a push so just for morning yeah if she does bite you you need to be well padded so yeah let's see what you got underneath I just have normal clothes long-sleeve jeans that I don't really care about I'm gonna have these old boots don't look like we're happy let's that are like no those are great yeah yeah so I'm just gonna those are perfect okay how do these sweats I'm gonna throw on top of these just to have an extra layer a nice little layer padding you want to wear my my Gucci if I could I'm Tina bad like because like if you know leather and if she bites you know leathers pretty strong go for like designer she and she buy sure about my Louie Vuitton she's very she's very like name-brand oriented she's super narcissistic so I might give you this okay I got these old motorcycle gloves so those are great yeah cuz they like they had older part yeah they've pads in the knuckles and stuff so I can I already texted my neighbor's my neighbors know this is happening so I told her if there's any a blog commotion they know what's happening so tomorrow probably so you got all that and then you have any jacket yeah I got a moto jacket it's got shoulder pads oh my gosh oh this is like it's legit so if she big you this is like it would to man I got this jacket and it's meant it's meant to like protect protect you when you're sliding at 70 miles an hour on the freeway so I'm as someone does like a biker so if you're riding a motorcycle yes obsessed he's trying to get me to get a motorcycle so that's come in the comments everyone tell Bradley he needs to get everybody like Tokyo Motorcycle you'll die and if you're into it tell him which one is the best bike to get oh yeah Oh yep your motorcycle enthusiast let me know what a good bike is but don't make it too expensive because we're not trying to break really anyway so that everything that you don't wear yeah that's it let's get you up geared up then cool oh wait wait wait oh let me just dip into my Gucci bag real fast for a little trick I have a nice little oh yeah I'm gonna try to go for it and I turn off pretty yes you're not like a germaphobe that you're gonna be like all young lice I can't do yeah no it's like legit like wow this definitely looks like is it scary yeah yeah am i scary yeah come on I mean if you didn't look so nice in your eyes look into my eyes I am scared can you just like smiling that's the last little bit so let's get you geared up we can see everything on and then I will head over to my house oh and then I also want to ask you like whatever what kind of role-playing are we gonna be doing so you're gonna come in my house I'll be sitting there with my dogs will start barking because I know my dog she'll start marking her hair will stand up she will be like who are you very scary very loud terrifying barking do you want to like come towards me are you gonna like stand there for a little bit and be like everybody get off the ground this is a a break in like yeah what do you have a weapon or something like a fake weapon a table weapon I mean I like like do we have I got the nerf sword or anything to you nothing I got a butcher knife not a real one okay I don't have any fake gun that's a probably I love demand runs at me like all scary you know like a like a mug you don't care about I could break I can give you a glass to anything I could break and make it more that's terrifying yeah you're very scary I'll set the glass outside or something so like right when you come in my door because I'm not going to go outside like when you get to my house I would be in there sitting with my dog with my sister so you'll just grab your glass either come in make some loud commotion leave a door open or something and then take the glass smash it if you want to you have gloves on so it won't hurt anybody so yeah let's get you put the gear on this is all I've got yep we're finally doing this video down beside who's so stupid super scary it's super scary I'm so excited [Applause] [Applause] all right guys he is dressed he looks terrifying my dog he's gonna freak out so okay let's uh let's head over to my house and I gotta put a glass outside I guess cuz this is gonna get intense and we're not even camping alright let's go okay so it's worse he's here and I think we're gonna I'm gonna call him and that's gonna indicate for him to come in Charlie's right here show her just hanging out Charlie he's he crazy puppies she's Charlie Park she's a hole she loves the park she's a happy girl it's nighttime she's a little bit crazy Charlie you ready for this one you ready pup ready hmm let's do this see what she does good momma's [Applause] you are the worst attack dog I knew that I have ever seen well now you're I would have died by now you are wise but what was that what was that what's wrong with you you are too sweet for anything what is wrong is supposed to be a scary girl protect daddy you just let that he died hey this really happened I'd be dead Charlie look at her oh he would like jump on me but that's it she didn't bite me or anything at least not that I can feel we thought you were gonna be the most amazing attack dog when I got you and you're just we're licking him to death you tried okay that was a good first effort we need to get her in some training classes because obviously someone is too sweet for like trying to give her some food and she has left very ferocious I'm very scared he's just like she's like get away from me you're forever in her like on her shitless you know that's right you're never gonna you're never gonna win with her now it's okay it's okay mama good girl good daddy good girl that's a good girl yeah it's okay do you want to come say hi do you want to try are you afraid oh you won't scare her I'll hang on to her just like let's say hi let's just say hi let's try to say hi no it's okay oh good girl you're gonna give him a kissy you kissed the robbers now huh you kiss all the robbers she's like do you have any more bacon now she wants to play with you oh good girl oh no it's okay there's a good girl now she's good no look she's just a sweet guy sorry I didn't mean to bark at you I didn't mean it I'm so sorry well anyway that didn't quite work out exactly how I planned it but uh now we know my dog is not afraid of burglars if they come into my house right guys make sure you go check out all of John social media there in the description say thanks John for helping me with this video messin up the audio help but now she thinks she's ferocious that was worthless uh yeah go check out all of his stuff subscribe to him go follow all of his platforms as Instagram is Twitter and all of that cuz we've been playing this video for a long time and apparently it just didn't work out I'm really hoping she just comes up and bites you're late right now I need a good comedy gig God dangit Charlie I thought you were gonna be tough and strong anyway I love you guys so much I continue to be rad and I will talk to video oh I need a new Doberman I'm out of here


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    Get on

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    Don't get a motor bike a police officer died off duty when someone hit him

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  4. Ghumaan Saab says:

    Doberman not bite the stranger so doberman not protect his owner to stranger

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    the Hoanda 650 drit bike is realy good.

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    I love your dog she is so cute and I think she is a really smart dog and I think she is a awesome Guard dog and she is a Lady and I am your biggest fan

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    3:45 the green light turns off

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    My dog will protect me so much but he hates masks the most

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    You over feeding your dog

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    Bro you neer a boy dog

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    skip to 11:28 if you dont want to hear them talking. Why do you tubers talk for like 10 minutes just explaining random thing about there video?

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    My doberman is so protective he barks for 2 minutes straight when someone walks bye

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    I had a pit bull that dod was strong he bit my hand and i fell on the ground i couldn't feel my arm all you see is purple and red color on my hand

  26. Jaxson Madgey says:

    That is a lie

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    A that Doberman is like a clone of my rottwiler but weaker and Skinnier

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    My dog would have ate the robber he chased my 250lb. Uncle out the door to his car

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  33. A W says:

    Dobermans are one of the smartest breeds, he knows who it is and probably knows his sent

  34. Brison Nielsen says:

    Thanks John👍😂😱👏

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    Omg she is beautiful and adorable

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    Can u adopt a male Doberman, because male Doberman are super protective and can defend their owners from people that can kidnap kids and adults, and the male Doberman can protect baby's from venomous snakes that they can see, and when they see a venomous snake they go crazy and will throws the baby away from the venomous snake to protect them, but they might get bitten from the snake and might need to go to the vet fast.

    Trust me they can be aggressive and will bite people that will try to hurt their owner. But first u might need to give it a test to see if the male Doberman will ever protect u from a break in.

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    Did you notice the TV screen shuts off at 3:45

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