Health and safety at University

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Safety at university is everyone’s responsibility Edinburgh is a safe city with a low crime rate but it is important that you take some practical steps to keep yourselves and your homes safe. While it’s tempting to share loads of information online posting too much can put you at risk for identity fraud or harassment. Don’t share any content you wouldn’t want your future employer or your granny to see! You shouldn’t share pics or videos of someone else without their consent. Instead, find positive ways to connect make sure to join the official Facebook pages for your accommodation for news and updates! Did you know that part of your rent in University accommodation includes limited contents home insurance? If you search our ACE website for your specific accommodation you can see the details on the cover provided under ‘facilities’. If you bring expensive items like a mobile phone or a bicycle these aren’t covered so you may want to consider taking out an insurance policy to meet your needs It is important to keep your doors locked to prevent anyone from wondering in uninvited if you’re leaving the room make sure the windows are locked too If you bike around make sure to register your bike and buy a bike lock We recommend that you purchase a D Lock and lock both wheels. It can be hard to not hold the door open for other people but you should never allow anyone in the building that you don’t know! University staff will be able to provide ID If you see someone suspicious call the secuirty for your site or the police. Save the number of security in your phone. Before you go out, agree with your friends on how you are getting back and make sure to stay together! The Student’s Association has an emergency taxi scheme if you find yourself stranded. Just call Central Taxis and tell the driver you are using the EUSA’s emergency taxi scheme Show the driver your matriculation card or give them your matriculation number. Afterwards, you can pop into the EUSA reception at Potterow or King’s Buildings House and pay back your fare

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