Hikvision Under Vehicle Surveillance System

June 3, 2019 posted by

crowded airports sports stadiums parks and other outdoor public places host enormous amounts of foot traffic as well as vehicle traffic in these places criminals can use a vehicle chassis for hiding or smuggling illegal items anything from contraband to weapons could be stowed underneath an automobile truck or delivery vehicle to meet the demands of security customers in a multitude of scenarios hikvision has developed – under vehicle surveillance systems a portable model for temporary use and a fixed installation model for permanent surveillance the fixed you VSS consists of speed matching LED lighting and linear imaging modules an induction loop with photoelectric sensor serves as a trigger signal equipped with a plate reading camera takes HD photos of the lower parts of vehicles integrates vehicle and vehicle information the system automatically activates when a vehicle approaches transmitting real-time images of a vehicle's base to a back-end program enables security checks of the underside of passing vehicles the portable UV SS uses an all-in-one portable design no construction required unit is plug in and play and adaptable the system can be easily set up as any location to quickly establish security at venues for small to large events hikvision under vehicle surveillance system provides quick complete and reviewable detection the speed matching module adjusts the device's parameters according to vehicle speed ensuring high quality images this system can capture complete zero blind spot images of the chassis of passing vehicles professional customer software can collect display and store information about license plates chassis and vehicle models data can be searched by license plates numbers or event date and time zoom in on image details or flank abnormalities hikvision has released fixed and portable under vehicle surveillance systems that are danced to specific needs in a multitude of situations this system is ideal for security checks of vehicles that enter or leave critical locations such as government's agencies military bases airports customs border inspection and many more

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