(Hindi) Why twin flames were created?

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In this video we are going to discuss that Why twin souls were created? Hi, I am Param from TwinFlamesCoach.com. We help in uniting twin souls. To watch previous videos and upcoming videos from this series, You can subscribe to our YouTube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Link to complete playlist can be found in the description below. Lets talk about why God created twin souls? In previous videos we understood that We all are spirits and Spirit world is our real home. We come on earth to learn lessons, to enjoy and to grow or become wise from our experiences. Lets imagine two situations. 1 When you go out from your home, there is no one behind who is concerned for your well being. How will you feel in this situation? 2 OR When you go out from your home, there is someone behind, who is concerned for your well being and waiting for you. Do you feel better in second situation? Similarly, when a soul comes from its real home which is spirit world to this human world, then which situation will be better. 1 there is no one behind in spirit world who is concerned for it’s well being Or 2 there is someone behind in spirit world who is concerned for your well being. Every soul has a twin. The main reason God split each soul into two is to teach you coexistence This means that you can not progress alone, instead You are responsible for each other’s progress. As discussed in previous videos in this series, you now know that spirit world have 7 realms and once you reach Realm 7 Stage 9, you have to merge with your twin soul and become a whole soul. Only then will you be allowed to progress to the next universe which is the fourth universe. So United, twin souls, means twin souls that help each other grow spiritually, can achieve a great deal, but if one of them falters, then both suffer spiritually. For e.g. If you are on Realm 7 Stage 9, but your twin soul is spiritually low, you will have to wait for your twin soul to reach Realm 7 Stage 9, even if it takes many lifetimes, may be 500 to 1000 earth years. This may seem harsh and unfair, but it is actually to safeguard your spiritual progress. No matter what, you have someone who will pray for you and try their level best to make you rise spiritually. This teaches you responsibility, coexistence and selflessness. Usually, one soul reincarnates on Earth and its twin soul stays in the spirit world to guide that person on Earth. For example, if you are falling spiritually, then your twin soul will be told to try to help you tactfully. Lets say you are falling spiritually, Your twin soul will try to send you guidance, or will try to bring people in your life who can help you. If all of this doesn’t work, it will pray and in extreme cases it will take birth on earth to help you. As God split each soul into two, you always have an eternal partner that will try its best to help you rise spiritually, no matter whether you are good or bad. Just now we talked that one twin soul incarnates and other ones stay in spirit world Why spiritually highly evolved twin soul pair takes birth together? We will discuss this in upcoming video. Visit TwinFlameCoach.com to find out more about twin souls. If you have any questions or comments then leave them in comment section. If you are seriously interested in union with your twin soul then make sure you watch the rest of the videos in this series. To watch upcoming videos, You can subscribe to our you tube channel “Twin Flames Coach Chandigarh”. Thank you so much for watching and I see you next time.


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