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hello this is Hal Diggs from the James City County Police Department I’m with the Community Services Unit and we’re here today to do a security assessment of a home that’s one of the services we offer to our county members give us a call we’ll come out do a home security survey there’s three things that we’re going to look at when doing a home security assessment three different lenses one of them is safety and security from outside intruders making sure you got the right doors locks bolts exterior lighting things of that nature another the lens that we’re looking at is from safety and liability aspect make sure it’s safe for anybody visiting your house you know so they don’t get hurt and injured and so forth the third lens is from loss prevention as far as fire flood things of those nature make sure you have everything in order so that does occur to you you’ll be ready for the insurance companies so if you ready let’s get started we’ll do the home security assessment trees and shrubs are one of the things that we’ll look at and for example shrubs they recommend that you keep them two to three feet high but definitely no higher than any of the windows you want to have natural surveillance looking out of the house and into the house so you don’t want any shrubs higher than any windows we’d also recommend that you keep shrubs back away from your house a foot to two feet again you don’t want to be able to hide back behind here so I would recommend to this homeowner to trim these bushes away from the house some exterior lighting is one of the most important factors we look at as far as crime prevention is concerned we like to make sure there’s plenty of exterior lighting around the house it’s a big deterrent for anybody that any would-be thieves so on this side of the house we have two nice lights that hopefully the homeowner would keep on at night they might want to add motion sensored spotlights to the top of the house if they so chose they have a porch light here the entrance of the house has got a light underneath that that’d be always good to keep on so exterior lighting seems to be adequate in the front of the house with those two big lights again we also recommend motion sensored lights especially in parts of the house where people might not a pro which if they had ill intentions here we are in the back of the house I see a light over here there’s a spotlight up there that looks like it has a motion sensor to it so again we have good lighting in the back of the house which is nice bushes and shrubs they all look very well noticing over here we got a pool which is surrounded by fence which is good and again if you’re going to have a pool I recommend that you call code compliance with the county and make sure that you’re doing whatever you need to do to be compliant with putting that fence around the pool we check make sure outbuildings are locked and secure which this is that’s a good thing you might want to have an exterior light on your outbuildings and please any cars that you park outside make sure they’re locked and all valuables are out out of the car you don’t want somebody to be able to look in and see a GPS or a purse or anything of value in the vehicle and then of course if it’s unlocked they will just simply reach in and take it so please keep your car locked and all valuables out of sight exterior doors we’ll look at first of all we want to know that they’re solid corridors they’re not hollow I want to make sure there’s a good extra bolt lock system in it which this has and if you have windows or glass around your door we look at the exterior lock too to make sure because you don’t want somebody to be able to just break the window reach in unlock it and be able to get into the house so one of the things you can do about that is also have a key lock deadbolt on the inside of the house now that might pose a safety risk if you have young children because there’s not always a key available so they needed to get out so that’s one of the concerns it’s something that the homeowner is going to need to weigh themselves so we’ll go inside now and look at the interior of the house windows and doors are important especially ground-level windows that people could get into from the outside you want to make sure they’re always secured with at least one lock which this has nice locking mechanism here some windows have to have to keep them both locked please another thing you could do if you wanted to some windows and I will check with a manufacturer or carpenter something first if you don’t have any locks you could actually drill a hole not in through the glass but through the frame and put a pin in there which would act as another lock so this is good here good locking mechanism on these windows make sure they stay locked especially on the ground level though another thing will make sure that you have is a list of all your valuables valuables things like this make sure you have the serial number we recommend you have a video catalogue of every room in the house so you can see what’s in it and then maybe have an itemized sheet with serial numbers on the things that have serial numbers so that in case of a loss fire flood whatever you have all that information in the safe place by the way don’t keep that here in the house unless you have a fire safe water safe safe keeping this safety deposit box or something so you always have that information and then you can present it to the insurance company that way you make sure you’re getting everything covered there are no sliding glass doors in this house but if you have sliding glass doors we recommend that you have what’s called a Charlie bar which is it’s a bar that’s installed on the sliding glass door to prevent it from sliding open and it’s usually placed in about the middle of the bar which also acts as a visual deterrent to a thief now if you don’t want that in the middle of your window your sliding glass door then the next best option would it be to put a piece of wood in the bottom of the frame so they could not open the door that way so either one is fine again the Charlie bar is recommended because it’s also a visual deterrent if a thief were to come up and see that oh man he’s got a charley bar he’s probably not even going to attempt to get in that way another thing that we’ll look for in house is smoke detectors working smoke detectors save lives there’s no question about that we recommend that you change the batteries in all of them at least once a year and if you hear one beep because of a low battery when you change that one go ahead and change all the runs and the rest of the house that way you’re making sure if you have any questions about home fire escape please call the fire education office at five six four four seven nine three that be glad to give you some information on how to make your home safe from fire it’s also important that the family has a fire escape plan something everybody knows they need central meeting location away from the house like maybe out by the mailbox or a permanent fixture like a tree or something so that everybody knows where to go in case of a fire also in houses especially where there’s one only one egress route like one set of stairs going down you need some way to get out of upstairs house for example this fire escape ladder these ladders are important if the stairwells on fire you can’t get out from the upstairs you would need to be able to put this in a window and then get out of the window downstairs now make sure when you buy a fire escape ladder they have one that’s approved by a recommended laboratory another thing we would like for you to do when leaving your house for a vacation or something have several timers that you can hook up to lamps in your house so the house always looks lived in you don’t want to ever look vacant make sure you have somebody stopping your mail in your newspaper make sure if you leave the day you take your garbage can out you have a neighbor bring it back in you want the house to look lived in as the main thing so those are just a few of the items that we look at in the home security survey if you’d like to have one of our officers come out to your house and provide you with a home security survey please give us a call at 2 5 3 1800 and ask for a member of the community services unit we’ll be glad to come out to your house and do a security survey for you


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    Nice to see James City County law enforcement providing these sorts of services. Community Awareness and proper preparation is never a bad thing.

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    security is needed

  4. USAlarms LLC says:

    security is needed

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    Good tips

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    What's up with CCTV Cammeras ??

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    More explanation on a wide range of security gadgets available would be useful, no suggestion of getting cctv camera system and having the cameras well concealed around the property.

  8. Mark C Littler says:

    What about leaving a radio on a timer and bathroom extracter fan on a timer noise deters criminals.

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    Nope Nope nope 👎 they cross the threshold there dead!

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    Use LED bulbs on all exterior lights. LED lights use little power as compared to incandescent lights, CFLs might save some energy but might not work in cold climates. Look into Doberman brand security alarms for windows, you can find them on Amazon. They will go off with little vibration with a very loud alarm. Check out all of the Doberman Security Alarms on Amazon. They all work but some are easier to turn on and off.

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    Nice video, thanks!

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