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There was a large fire in Chicago and it
was a building that a lot of jewelers were in. And the fire displaced a large
majority of those jewelers, and we had a team there on the ground that very next
day. We’re a company that was started 106 years ago here in Neenah, Wisconsin. We
were started by jewelers. Jewelers had a hard time getting insurance and so they
decided to take care of that problem by creating Jewelers Mutual Insurance
Company to provide insurance for themselves. We’re not an insurance
company like you, you hear many of the brand names insurance companies outside the jewelry industry. We’re Jewelers Mutual, we have jewelry in our name. There’s no
other company like that in the jewelry space. We are jewelry obsessed. We will
love your jewelry as much as you do. As a jewelry store owner, we will love your
business as much as you do. We’re part of the jewelry industry as a whole and so
we offer products and services that go well beyond insurance. It’s not about our
own profit and loss, it’s about what can we do to help make the customers in our industry stronger. What we’re selling is the promise that if you lose that item, or it’s stolen, or it needs repair that we’re gonna be there
to take care of that for you. We’re not gonna cash out that item, we’re gonna
replace that item. A big part of our value proposition is that we’re not just
going to send you cash. What we’re ensuring and protecting are those items that have the utmost sentimental value to the individual that owns it – whether it’s a
business or a piece. And then you talk about what we stand for, and protecting
it, that resonates with a lot of people. And then you take it to the innovation
and the things that we’re doing beyond insurance to try to help the industry. Some of these businesses are like family. They were started by the grandparents and passed down to their parents and now they’re trying to run it. So they, it’s
more than just a business, it’s a family legacy they’re trying to keep running.
We’re looking at connecting the industry in a whole different way. The dedication, not just to our customers, but to each other – it is an incredibly warm, inviting,
welcoming team. That’s who we are, that’s what makes us special, that’s why it’s
really neat to be working here at Jewelers Mutual.

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