How drug-sniffing law enforcement dogs are trained in Arizona

July 12, 2019 posted by

sniffing out drugs just trace amount of odors that we would have never been able to find its what dogs like this five year old Belgian Malinois named revin do best they have a extremely sensitive and extremely just developed nose and if you walk into the room and someone's cooking beef stew you're able to smell beef stew but it takes training to turn a normal dog into law enforcement best friend a very stressful unfair awarding so the big game to the dog associating the sense of certain drugs with treats and toys to test the dogs trainers use cotton balls like this which is soaked in heroin odor we'll start right there and it doesn't take too long for revin to find the scented target and you'll hear me use a marker it's ye-es she knows that she can't access her reward until I mark it yes another success for this trainer and his dog they're extremely crucial I mean they're almost invaluable as law enforcement fights back against drug trafficking max Gordon Arizona's family


2 Replies to “How drug-sniffing law enforcement dogs are trained in Arizona”

  1. saintâ“‹earth says:

    When the pork plants the drugs in the perps car they need to be sure to vaseline up the body-cam lens first. The body-cam footage can sometimes let totally innocent people off the hook without any jail time.

  2. Kim Davis says:

    Hey idiot who did the editing… why leave in the part about stew if you're going to leave out the rest of his explanation.. moronic goof editor… If you and I walk in and you're making stew, we smell stew… if a Malinois (or any trained detection dog, explosive narcotic etc) walks in, they don't smell stew they smell beef, and carrots, and celery and salt and …… see how your stupid pathetic editing ruined the story and made him look like an idiot for even mentioning stew????? IDIOT editor…

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