How hot was Kentucky’s Immanuel Quickley at Texas A&M?

March 5, 2020 posted by

Well, Immanuel, how hot were you?>>Bro, watch out.>>I was a little hot, I guess. Teammates was finding me in good spots. Credit to God, just staying to my word and
stuff like that. But, teammates was finding me in a lot of
open spots, so credit to them and coaches put me in a good job, a good situation had
me be successful, so that was good too.>>And how important was connecting
on the three against this A and M team that I know kinda leaves that
corner and sometimes that wing unit, how much of that was the game plan for
you?>>We worked on it all,
pretty much right after our last game, that was the first thing we worked on. We knew they left corners,
we watched a lot of film on it and I put that into my workouts as well. So just being ready for that, that was
a credit to the scouting report and stuff like that. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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