How I installed my 8'ft wide privacy fence gate

July 12, 2019 posted by

double YouTube well I've been getting a rotary request from my neighbors and friends and family that I know about this massive eight-foot privacy fence gate that I have that doesn't sag I said people requesting to know one how I did it that's what I'm gonna show you in this video here I'll show you here swing this thing open as you can see here's the gate and there it is trying to roll back on its own will barely even touches the ground disgust you know the gate doesn't sag whatsoever but it's there for support because I know over time you know wood will warp but it does have an adjustment cable there on the fence like I said this is a 8 foot privacy fence gate and there's the problem-solver right there that made this whole gate possible that is a six by six that's ten foot long we took him to cut it down to nine foot and it puts three foot of it in the ground and I use quikrete concrete mix eight bags of the 80 pound bags of concrete that's right buried in it holding this sucker in the ground is over 600 pounds of concrete this fresh dirt right here is because I have a mastiff and if y'all and y'all know the thing about Mastiffs how big they are well they thought I'd be funny and try to dig out at the gate here and then this one right here on this side it was also placed in the ground with four bags of concrete just as as added support so if one day like I said wood does warp over time all my neighbors treated or not you know if this fence was to try to sag one way or the other and the same thing with this corner post it's also got four bags on it even though yeah it's only a four by four it's got four eighty pound bags sad I get this request from all my neighbors here there's my neighbor's house there's another neighbor there's another neighbor yeah but around me wants to know how I did this massive privacy fence gate and I said that opens with ease no and shuts with these so this whole fence I said I did put a adjustable cable you can see here and the adjustment put down here in the corner if it ever did one day sag just because would eventually will start to warp and your ground will shift and settle oh yeah said I thought I'd do a quick video here on this massive gate here said I'll step back so you can see this gate that's eight foot privacy fence gate that opens and closes like butter so you got any questions on the materials are used and how exactly I you know did do it if this didn't pretty self-explanatory comment ask me questions I'll be more than happy to answer as always please like share and subscribe I'm new to this whole YouTube video world and well just try to help other people out that's all so I'd really appreciate it like sharing subscribe thank you y'all have a blessed day

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