How to build a fence gate, install a gate, privacy fence. Easy! Home Mender.

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hello this is Dustin with home mender and today we are going to be replacing this hideous gate this gates way late to wait for a wake date in other words it's dead it looks like I don't know what it looks like it's just horrible it's got to be changed I'm going to show you how let's get to it now the first thing we want to do is determine swing in or swing out this one has a entry door to the house right there so this one really has no choice but to swing in if your gate swings out you'll need to do it a little different because this one swings in it's not cut quite to the post obviously so it doesn't hit the post when you shut it if your gate swings out you're going to want to put a slam strip there so we can stop when the gate is shut let's remove the gate that was easy now let's measure now we want our gate to fit inside the whole post a post this one's at 50 and a half we're gonna check the bottom to 50 and a half we're gonna cut our gate and frame it at 49 and a half that gives it a half-inch on both sides start by measuring out our 49 and a half a forty nine and a half split it's one of my pickets so we're gonna pull that one off and then we're gonna want that side to be at our Kings side you definitely want the gate to open at the strike side with a full kick go ahead and mark our forty nine and a half where it we can go ahead and bang that pick it off of there we're gonna put that aside because we're gonna use it later cut your panel now that we've got our gate panel to work with it's the right size we're gonna go ahead and frame the gate if you don't frame a gate it is gonna eventually sag you can't just put hinges on a panel you actually have to build a gate otherwise it's gonna sag and drew and as my daughter says dead why is that gate so sad let's go ahead and forty-five the ends of the top and bottom stringers and forty-five them towards the center of the gate you can see my lines here they both help in towards the center of the gate this way we can build a frame for it and picture frame it in you want to measure from the top of your top stringer to the bottom of your bottom stringer just under 57 for me we're gonna cut ours at fifty six and seven eight that's 45 the end fifty six and seven eight now 45 that one the opposite way on our second 2×4 we're going to stencil this first cut that way we ensure they're identical now let's put it together since these are the sides of our gate frame we're going to need to cut back to Center stringer the width of the two by four which is three and a half let's measure the three and a half and make a mark try and get with your square now let's do the other side now the sides should fit right into our couples now using some deck screws we can toenail our side board into our string you can also throw one into the middle stringer slip you're needing to rip pick it under the gate make sure your height is right and Mark your pick completely aligned with a straightedge now we're screws with poke through so we're going to nail it off next let's measure the height of our offenses that we're tying in to make sure our gate can be the same height you're probably going to want to leave about an inch and a half cut off the bottom so it can swing freely my fifth is I'm tying into our six-foot fences 72 inches but we wanted to swing about an inch and a half cut off the bottom so we're going to cut it at 70 and a half mark your line and cut now that our gate is framed we're gonna throw in a cross brace just for added support this is the difference between your gate sagging and your gate not throw your 2×4 up there and make your marks we're gonna set it inside the stringer and we're gonna notch out the center straight now toenail it into the stringers beautiful now this gates ready to hang I got a scrap Vince Pickett here sitting on the concrete so we can set our gate on it so it'll stay stable while we secure the hedges live at the gate into position let's go ahead and screw off our posts side of the hinge we'll go ahead and do the bottom now my hinge post is pretty level so I can probably hang my hinges at the same spot on the edge of the 4×4 however if yours is crooked you may need to adjust it moving them in or out now once our hinges are on the post we're ready to secure them to the gate mine's leaning just a little bit so I'm going to hold my gate towards the post when I screw it there we are my line here is good to go it looks like my bottom hinge is in the right spot I'm going to go ahead and screw that one off after your hinges are secure let's remove our prop board give it a test looking good all right so our gate is swinging awesome now when you shut your gate if the top meets the slam strip before the bottom you may need to push the hinge in or out to get it to work every day it's going to be different so you may need to play with it a little now this particular homeowner wanted a slide latch hook something like this put it on from the inside and that way he needs to go through his back door to get into his fence he doesn't want people being able to go through from the front we're gonna position his slide latch around this area now we're going to drill a hole in the side of the post so we have some place to slide the latch shut the gate to where you want it give it a test left looking good now you can throw a padlock on there and keep away those pesky neighborhood kids I think I'm going to whack off that little top part because I don't like it so for home ender Inc this is Dustin I hope you learned something today and if you did don't forget to click subscribe thanks for watching


46 Replies to “How to build a fence gate, install a gate, privacy fence. Easy! Home Mender.”

  1. Paul Zamora says:

    Hardware is to light for that gate. Why do people insist on using white pine for fences. Wont last long term… . Lmao

  2. Robert De Luna says:

    Thanks for the video!


    Thanks bra.

  4. Kevin Bem says:

    Are you confident with the cross brace? Or unaware of the compression use of it going the other way? Curious is your way has any benefits . Thanks! Nice quick video

  5. 王堇 says:



    Good Video

  7. Snow_Pirate_28 says:

    Best friggin do it yourself video ever. No bull no wasting time.

  8. Angelo diaz says:

    do you want to install 250 ft of fencing in my yard in Connecticut with 3 regular gates and two wide gates for my truck.? I live in torrington. call me at 929-230 4504 Angelo. give me a fair price and you are hired?

  9. rafa baraja says:

    I destroyed my fence the same way it took my neighbor longer to move his Chrysler 😂

  10. Steve Ezzell says:

    Thanks for the video! I was able to follow your simple step by step and make my first gate! However, you made it look way more easy that it was! Course, it might have just been me!

  11. VIC FmrSoldrPol. says:

    Man You have awesome skills I'm really very impressed.

  12. xcheatahx1 says:

    I'm gonna try this!!!

  13. Scott Senjo says:

    Excellent job, man. Very well done.

  14. Chooper says:

    Your video taught me to not judge a book by its cover

  15. hen713 says:

    Great job,

  16. Subways shezzz nic says:

    I enjoyed the video. It was very helpful. Keep up the awesome work.

  17. James Shawn says:

    Not a bad gate. Next episode the lady next door comes over with the hose and some shampoo

  18. Sonny Provost says:

    That you soo much! I have to rebuild my rotten gate and i think that I can do it now. Thanks.

  19. Chris Batchelor says:

    never 45 the corners on a wood gate. The vertical 2x4s completly unnecesary. The gate should be "Z" framed. The brace is backwords. This gate is retarded.

  20. latengocomoburro says:

    0:50 This dude needs anger management classes.

  21. Chucha Tv says:

    I'm ready to do my gate fence tomorrow

  22. Curtis Forbes says:

    The brace is backwards. It should have the forces towards the bottom of the hinged post. That gate will eventually sag. Good carpenter otherwise.

  23. jim222 says:

    Looks good, I'm going to try it. Thanks

  24. Kyle Bodenham says:

    Sick edit! Awesome video

  25. Bill Lock says:

    Great Video…!

  26. RichSmokey #removerandomcrits says:

    Why is this video in KFC's Hot Honey playlist?

  27. J Tudhope says:

    This looks pretty easy but my biggest concern is when I get to actually hanging it, I feel like it’ll be super hard to keep the gate upright while I mark and install the hinges.

  28. Jen 21 says:

    Bro if you build a gate on the ground you have no business making a how to video.

  29. Francisco Marin says:

    Did anyone else notice his diagonal brace. Its dis oriented, should be outside top to inside bottom, from the the hinge side. Am i wrong?

  30. JP says:

    Dustin. Thank you for this video. I was able to make my side gate. I must of watched your video 10 times.

  31. ATL SANTANA says:

    Love this vid bro

  32. sbunny8 says:

    OSHA would cry watching this video. You need eye and ear protection when using the circular saw. You are risking eye injury from flying wood splinters. A circular saw produces 100-110 dB of noise. Prolonged exposure to 90+ dB leads to hearing loss over time. Exposure to 100+ dB is dangerous, even for just a few minutes. Keep it up and you'll need hearing aids before you're 65.

  33. ATL SANTANA says:

    Why do he look like one of the giants from jack and the bean stout 😂😂😂

  34. totaldla says:

    A piece of 1/2" cdx would brace that panel faster and stronger.

  35. jkrlozj Herdez says:

    Great video but im work on fence for over 15 years and all the time the brace going backwards… anyways good job.

  36. Merlin Krisp says:

    Your very good at explaining your steps great video 👍

  37. Jesse Hernandez says:

    Great video! Made it very simple for everyone. Thank you, man.

  38. Devon Edwards says:

    That slide latch got you sweatin'!

  39. indiciaobscure says:

    I'm feeling so sad because my first gate I'm putting down for my dog will be as ugly as the original in this video! I'm a new builder (though I have experience with power tools from my sculpture days.) Anyway, I am learning and appreciate the advice! Videos like this are a lifesaver.

  40. J Kohn says:

    It's very dangerous to use your foot to hold the 2×4 up to cut it using a power saw. Fun video otherwise. Thanks.

  41. mportklr says:

    2:54….kind of scary…good thing the saw didn't slip

  42. TechMAP says:

    Hey Mender, question.. what size are the studs your using to secure the dog eared fencing?

  43. Gary mars says:

    good job buddy.

  44. Dawaun Morehead says:

    Muscle man where's high five ghost?

  45. ray hat says:

    Great video. It’s very well done and helpful. Thank you.

  46. foreverwood1963 says:

    LOL "Dad why is that gate so sad?"

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