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November 5, 2019 posted by

What’s up guys, today in the Detail Garage
we have this Scion FRS and we are going to be showing you how to properly clean and maintain
your floor mats. As you see here, these are Weather Tech rubberized
floor mats. These awesome floor mats keep your car looking
its best but over the long winter and from being daily abused it is stained and discolored. So we are going to show you how to properly
remove all of that while also adding a protective barrier that keeps it looking lustrous. Over here we have Mat Renew and a really stiff
scrubbing brush to reach into the pores of these rubberized floor mats and bring back
that natural look. To get started, just spray Mat Renew onto
the surface. We’ll give this a moment to penetrate the
mat and in the meantime lets grab our drill attachment. This will save us on time and effort. It attaches to any drill and these stiff bristles
help to really scrub stubborn stains. You can also use this on regular floor
mats to remove stains, grease and other discolorations. This is perfect for you guys that live in
an apartment where you don’t have access to running water. It’s been cold in a lot of the eastern states
so your floor mats have seen a lot of abuse and this is the best way to keep them looking
there best for longer. It enhances the overall longevity of these
rubberized mats so that you won’t have to replace these every few years. We’ll start by scrubbing it to remove the
embedded stains while reviving the finish. So we have chosen to use a black microfiber
towel because this is going to pull off all the spent product and debris making these
towels filthy. So instead of having a towel that looks awful
we have a black towel so that you can’t see all that mess. Also with any new towel, tear off the tag
so that you won’t create a swirl or scuff because these will scuff and that looks awful. Folding the towel in to fours and wipe off
the mess from top to bottom. You can rinse these off if you have access
to a hose. Since there is not a lot of mess here we can
just wipe it off. You can let it air dry. It now has that dark factory finish while
being protected with a deep finish but it isn’t slippery like it would be if you had
dressed this. Now this floor mat is looking really good. So to recap we started off by vacuuming the
mats so that we aren’t spreading dirt all over the car. Then using Mat Renew we sprayed directly onto
the surface and let it saturate the deep set in stains. Using a stiff bristle brush we scrubbed the
hard to reach areas. Now we are going to move on to the rest of
the vehicle. In the meantime you guys can head over to
website to check out these products for yourself. Also we are running a poll, if you guys want
to see us do the rest of the interior on this FRS be sure to click here and vote for yourselves. We’ll see you guys next time right here in
the Detail Garage.


19 Replies to “How To Clean and Protect Rubber Floor Mats | Scion FRS | Chemical Guys”

  1. James E says:

    How do I take care of deep water spots? I was the car 2x and still see the water marks 😞

  2. Mr. Newton says:

    Where's the poll nick?

  3. mickyfinns says:

    Can you show how you would pressure wash an engine?

  4. Opwy says:

    Any videos on how to take out pet hair?

  5. Sancho says:

    Hey chem guys. What is a good product to clean and protect trim that is grey? Love the vids. Also is Nick Hispanic? He has that Chicano look…

  6. Aaron's says:

    Please make a video on how to clean recaro seat.

  7. dbljinc664 says:

    Ever considered doing a video on removing snow from your car.

  8. Richard Wesley says:

    Yes finish the remainder of the car please.

  9. Daniel Ross says:

    Ehhh. Just use a apc. Much cheaper and more uses. However I do love y'alls butter wet wax. Smells awesome and does a great job.

  10. captain_fluff_ says:

    Weird question does this also remove blood stains?

  11. Ed Pitchers 458 says:

    What happened to the video on Friday

  12. s2syed says:

    Can I also use Chemical Guys Black on Black to restore the mats to a similar finish?

  13. Johnny Haller says:

    Yes do full interior!

  14. Mistah Pahkah says:

    Where can I get that drill? What’s the model number?

  15. Human Being says:

    My floor mats in my 74 Chrysler New Yorker have white rubber on it. Should I still dress it with the products listed?

  16. Jeffrey Knight says:

    Y'all know we want to see the rest. Keep em comin!

  17. Sentero R says:

    Can you guys do a video on how to polish paint that has been damaged by the sun? I have a 93 miata and I polished the front bumper because it was discolored (look at Regularcarreviews Miata) and it looks decent but it could be better, and the roof looks bad too. What can I do?

  18. T.J. Powell says:

    Is Matt Renew avalible in a gallon container? I can't find it on the website.

  19. Samantha Wong says:

    Can you use the Silk Shine Dressing on Weathertech Digital Floor mats like the one in the video? I used the Mat Renew on my Weathertech floormats, but I want the black to look darker and like new. Not just clean.

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