How to Conduct Mobile Surveillance : Mobile Surveillance: Equipment

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Hello, my name is Frank Torres and I’m here
on behalf of This segment is about the other equipment you’ll need when
conducting mobile surveillance. Your camera’s very important, obviously the most important
piece of equipment, but there?s other pieces of equipment you’re going to need when conducting
mobile surveillance when your doing your P.I. work. The second most important tool besides
your camera is a note pad. You’ll be writing a lot of reports it’s a necessary part of
the field. And you’ll be writing down a lot of details from what a subject was wearing,
the time it happened to the people that person was interacting with and basically all the
details that are necessary to do a good job. Next is, food. While your conducting mobile
surveillance you’re not going to be able to run out to a Burger King or a McDonald’s to
grab something to eat. Once you get to your position, you’re there until your subject
turns out. A lot of people forget to bring food and they find themselves starving the
entire time they’re out in the field. Next are your binoculars. A lot of times you’re
going to need binoculars to read plates or to get a closer look at something that you
can’t necessarily video tape at the time. A lot of times you’ll be using your binoculars
to check to see if your subject is where they even are, where they’re even suppose to be.
All I’m saying is there are times when you might want to conserve battery power and binoculars
come in useful. This gadget right here is a adapter that plugs in through your cigarette
lighter to provide you electrical power. This thing has saved me a lot of times when my
batteries have failed. If you have one of these, simply plug it into your lighter, plug
in your video camera to it, and boom your all set. And it’s also very nice to have for
other gadgets you might need. Maybe a portable fan when your working in hot weather. Or things
along those lines. It’s definitely something very useful to have. Next simply is water.
You’re going to be drinking a lot of it. I mean your in your vehicle for eight hours,
you know you tend to get dehydrated. Especially if it’s hot and your sitting inside of a hot
car and the engine’s off. Water is a must. And also it’s the bottle, because you’re not
going to be able to use the bathroom in the middle of surveillance without giving yourself
away. So technically it has two uses. There have been plenty of times where I’ve gone
out with a bottle full of water and came back with a bottle full of something else.


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  1. Arman says:

    lol nice!
    love the end

  2. Dennis Mahon says:

    And if your target takes off while you're watering the plants?

    You could use a catheter, but 1) they hurt, and 2) you risk infection. A water bottle does the job well enough.

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