How to create a guest account on Mac and protect your personal files

December 10, 2019 posted by

do you ever get that like weird sort of
uncomfortable feeling when someone else asks you if they can use your mac i’m
going to show you one great tips to make that feeling go away forever and then
you can build more honest and loving relationships the best way to have total
peace of mind with someone else using your mac is to create a guest account
this is like getting them set up in a basement suite in your home where they
have access to do anything that they need it’s fully furnished it’s wonderful
but they have zero access to the rest of your home and the best part is when they
leave it cleans itself completely and leaves 0 trace of their existence i’m gonna show you how to do this on the
mac it takes a few clicks in the beginning but then it’s less than five
seconds to switch in the future so you click on system preferences in the
bottom right here and then go to users and groups and then click on the lock in
the bottom left-hand corner and here you type the password that you use to log
into your Mac then you go to login options and turn on the fast user
switching menu this puts a menu up in the top right
that allows you to switch back and forth between your account and the guest
account now click guest user on the left here and click on the checkbox for allow
guests to log into this computer from now on any time that somebody wants to
use your mac you just click on this menu in the top right and then click on guest
user and it will log them in in under five seconds I’m gonna show you what it
looks like on the other side so when they get into the guest user
account aka the basement suite they have full access to do anything that they
need with zero access to your stuff they can go into safari and Facebook and make
documents and email documents they can pour maple syrup all over the floor all
over the counter no problem once they’ve left and you
want to clear it out you go to the apple menu in the top left and then go to
logout guest user and there’s this wonderful button here that says delete
files and logout this will remove the guest account completely remove anything
that was in it and give your Mac back to you exactly as it was untouched boom Mac epiphany if you dug that and you
want more head to to grab your free ebook the top ten
killer tips to speed up your Mac without spending a dime it’s in human language with no acronyms
and then you can build more honest and loving relationships


2 Replies to “How to create a guest account on Mac and protect your personal files”

  1. Justin Schichtel JusTIntI'm says:

    does guest user allow people from other locations to log into your computer? or watch your screen?
    thats what i thought it was

  2. LIVING GOD says:

    Allow guests temporary is disabled by default?

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