How to disable Driver Signature Verification Enforcement (0xc0000428)

June 15, 2019 posted by

this is a tutorial on how to disable driver signature verification when booting from a USB stick I just inserted the USB stick here and it contains a VHD file with Windows 8.1 installed into it and with Easy BCD I will add the VHD file I mean there are a few windows is on this computer already I will add that VHD file to the bootloader menu let's browse to that VHD file on the USB stick this one and click open let's add the name and this will be shown in the boot loader menu USB stick okay let's add it okay it has been successfully added to the bootloader menu let's check it's down here the last one USB stick okay and after this let's restart the computer let's go to restart okay and we can see that the bootloader menu the last one it's USB stick now it's visible okay and if I press ENTER on it then I get this error message that the computer cannot verify the digital signature let's try again the same error message let's try f8 to disable from there it's not possible okay let's go to Windows 7 and disable the error message from here ok and after Windows 7 started let's go to a Start menu and type CMD now right click CMD and choose run as administrator now type BCD edit BCD edit and press ENTER this will list all the installed operating systems on the computer in this case we have Windows XP and Windows 7 and down here in the menu you can see USB stick the one we just added okay and let's right-click the window and select mark and copy this identifier code now type bcdedit again bcdedit – set and paste the code right click and click paste okay and type no integrity checks in one word no integrity checks and on okay and press ENTER and then disabled the integrity check for the USB stick bootloader menu entry and now let's restart the computer okay and now let's choose USB stick and press enter and this time Windows starts normally without displaying the error message and since Windows is running from a USB stick and it's a USB 2 port and USB 2 stick it is starting very very slowly you can see the LED is blinking and it's highly recommended to use a USB 3 port and USB 3 stick to get much higher speeds ok that's it thank you bye bye


7 Replies to “How to disable Driver Signature Verification Enforcement (0xc0000428)”

  1. Prasad J says:

    Using windows 10.. wanted to install 7 and I go that winload.efi error. . found your video to disable that check but the value is {default} here and further if u try to change it gives me the error value is protected to be modified or changed … Please help bro !!!!

  2. Captain XLAB says:

    Thanks a lot mate, worked perfectly for my Win7 Ultimate x64 dual boot with WIn10 pro. 😀

  3. Anthony D'Egidio says:

    Worked like a charm on Windows 10 failure to boot. Thanks for the help.

  4. ※ Shulamitefire ※ Incendiumata Amoriolio ※ says:

    Thanks so very much. Finally, after blood, sweat and tears I arrived at your happy resolution.

  5. How Does Game says:

    THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Dhaval Sarvaiya says:

    in identifier it is not showing in key which can i copy after bcdedit

  7. gf7szega says:

    I tried it and at the end cmd does say that it was succesful, but when I restart it still says that the digital signature can't be verified. (Tried it twice and bith times it in the cmd it says that i was succesfull) Any ideas on what I might have missed?
    Also, when running the patchpae2    RUN-ME !!!   (as administrator)
    it says the following:


    The entry has been succesfully copied to <xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    the process has been succesfully finished.   (6 times under one a nother)



    Maybe there is something wrong here? I unpacked the folder to C:PatchPAE2
    as show in your other video. (or did i got that wrong?)  Any ideas?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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