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(heavy base) – Welcome to Chemical Guys Detail Garage. If you’ve been following
our series with this Jeep Patriot you saw us last time wash up all the dirt that
was sitting on the surface as well as detail the wheel wells and now that their
exposed to the elements, I want to show you guys how to dress them to get them looking factory fresh whilst adding some protection. So we’re gonna start
of by using Barebones, which is an (mumbling) dressing safe for your wheel liners, your plastics, your suspension components as well as anything else
underneath the vehicle and all you have to do is
simply spray onto the surface and this is going to
restore a deep gloss shine and it’s also going to
add a layer of protection which makes it harder for
snow or sleet, road salt and dirt to stick to, so that your wheel archers and wheel wells look as clean as they can
for as long as possible, and it’s as simple as that, just simple spray it onto
your undercarriage components to give it that lustrous deep gloss shine, but more important it’s going to protect it against harmful UV rays, road grind that could damage the finish, and also gonna help it
from cracking over time. And now if you don’t want this real glossy effect, all you ave to do is take a clean microfiber towel such as
one of our green workhorse microfiber towels and just wipe away any excess or any of the over spray. Just to give it that
dry to the touch finish, but again this is going to protect your undercarriage
components against things that could rust it or harm it. Especially people who live in the areas like the East Coast where
it snows or rains a lot. And your cars are constantly subjected to those harsh elements. And there you have it, you
see it’s very simple to do and it gives you this very nice shine, it also gives your car more
of a … better curb appeal, but again it’s gonna protect it against those harmful UV rays or
anything else that can damage it over time. Now since we’ve got this looking fresh, we’ve also got the wheels clean. The tires look a little dull
now because of the shine the rest of the vehicle has. So now we’re also going to address that. They would’ve been clean, so if you guys haven’t seen the last video we did the entire
cleaning, washing process, starting with the wheels here, We cleaned them up using
some Signatures wheel cleaner which also took care of the old dressing that was on the tire. Now it’s nice and clean
and now we’re going to show you how to properly
dress it, using some VRP which is a water based dressing. This is going to enhance
the look of it … Give it more of that
glossier finish for the … In comparison to the rest of the vehicle. And again this is a water based dressing, so that means it’s safe for your interior and exterior finishes. You can also dress your trim with this, because a lot of vehicles such as this one have a lot of plastic on the exterior, but we’ll start with the wheels here. We’re just wash it out,
just like any dressing you wanna spread it, (mumbling) heavy … Dab it at one spot. And then just work it into the
surface that you’re dressing. And you can also buff
off any of the excess, for a bit more of a natural
finish you can always buff out any of the tire
part still drying or curing and that’ll give you
more of a natural look. And that pretty much wraps
up the exterior protection for the vinyl rubber and
plastics on this vehicle. We’re still gonna go around
and hit all the lower panels and valances that have this
black texturised plastic to give it the same shine
as the tires using VRP, but in the mean time you guys can checkout these products on our
website or at your local detail garage, if you liked today’s video be sure to give it a thumbs up
and drop the comments down below for future videos and
we’ll see you next time. (upbeat music)


24 Replies to “How To Enhance & Protect Exterior Trim and Undercarriage Components! – Chemical Guys”

  1. danny hancock says:

    Well done I like it

  2. C Pike says:

    What is song name at end of video

  3. Motorbikecam says:

    For the bare bones, do you need to wash ahead of time? I’m guessing so. Also happy New Years hopefully 2020 is the year!

  4. Cesc 2007 says:

    I use this on my front arch liners but could be used on a fabric type rear arch liner.

  5. Richard Seem says:

    great video Nick.happy New Year to you


    WOW 2020 ALEREADY!

  7. Tahoemike 34 says:

    How long does barebones last?

  8. Big D says:

    Excellent but black lug nuts are a must ✊

  9. My96XJ says:

    walmart carries most of these products

  10. vitalvital says:

    Starting the New Year with some detailing tips, thanks CG!

  11. Justin Albert says:

    Can you use the butter wet wax with a random orbital?

  12. voguishriver7 says:

    Does that also work with tires that have white lettering?

  13. chumyt says:

    What about if your lowered ?

  14. Carlos Nunez says:

    can i do the same with natural shine and will it be less glossy/wet or what’s the difference from VRP?

  15. Skualo Nunez says:

    I Love VRP

  16. pVoqz says:

    How do you make Fluo Yellow shine again and make it as bright as the day i painted it?

  17. Ellison Brown III says:

    I’ll be adding those products to my collection. Thanks Chemical Guys… Happy New Year!!!

  18. Chris Moreno says:

    I love the Vrp its my Favorite One soo far!! I will soon too try the Chemical Guys Fabric Cleaner I just need the spray bottle where,i can diluted

  19. Super Chevy says:

    Ok I have OCD when it comes to cleaning my big Chevy truck so can you please pull that jeep forward an vrp the bottoms of them tires

  20. Orange Marley says:

    How do I protect carpeted wheel wells?

  21. bandittweintraub says:

    to be honest, I was skeptical about using VRP on my plastic trim, especially after using Mother's Back to Black, which was $8 a bottle, but only lasted 10 seconds before wearing off, but I have to say.. I was impressed, the cowl, and running boards look brand new. Just wish local retailers offered more chemical guys stuff, and more selection, quite limiting when there is new stuff, but I either have to order it online, or go without.

  22. Ed Pitchers 458 says:

    I didn't mean to comment do the blues clues mod I made a mistake

  23. Scott McClain says:

    so, many comments across products that claim UV protection – do you have this on MSDS sheets or testing to support this? What polymer is providing this ?

  24. Smertz says:

    Would I use the barebones for my mudflaps too?

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