How To Install A FormFit Tough Guard Hood Protector

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Oh hey, what’s up? Didn’t see you there. I’m just getting a sweet work out in. It’s Kyle with Midwest Aftermarket. You’re a tough man with a tough hood but you
want to protect it. That’s why today we’re going to be installing
this FormFit Tough Guard Hood Protector on this Ford F-150. Of course we do need some help. Cory! [whistles] Cory! There he was the whole time! Let’s get started. The first step is going to be wiping down
the area the hood protector is going to be on Now our brothers from the north were so kind
as to provide us with something to wipe it down and no this is not a prophylactic. Alright, we’re going to wipe it down here. Just going to open this guy up, and don’t
be afraid to really give it hell. Now usually you can throw this down and I
find that if you throw your trash down someone usually cleans it up. Alrighty, we’re just going to wipe it down. Oh, mmm smells like a doctor’s office. I like that. [singing song about wiping
the hood down] Next we’re going to be placing our bump ons on the hood. You’re going to want this bump on to be three
eighths of an inch up from the crease on your hood and then you’re going to want the bump
on to be three fourths of an inch over from the edge of your hood. Obviously you’re going to be doing the same
thing on the other side. Next you’re going to be placing your other
three bump ons on the grille so you’re going to be placing one directly in the center of
the grille and as for the other two you’re going to have it one inch above the crease
there and its also going to be nine and three quarters of an inch away from the edge of
the grille and once again obviously the other bump on is going to be exactly the same on
the other side of your center bump on. Now we’re going to be placing our two large
adhesion pads on to both sides of the edges of the guard. Now we already placed the guard where it’s
going to be on the truck and it’s very easy and obvious to see where it is cause the line
is going to come up against right here on your truck. Now we’ve also popped the hood just a little
bit because it’s going to make it easier to put the adhesion pads where it needs to be. The purpose of the adhesion pads is, we’re
going to be placing a clip on this guy and you don’t want the clip rubbing against the
metal. No one wants that right Cory? I can’t get him to shut up. The adhesion pad is going to go centered underneath
the right and left most hole on the guard and it’s going to be placed right at the bottom
here of the hood. There we go, Cory placing the adhesion pad. Beautiful. Focus Cory, don’t mess it up. And we’re going to be doing the other one
the exact same way on the other side. Oh, hi. Next we’re going to be taking our pedestal
and placing it over the top of the abrasion pad that we just stuck on. This is going to be temporary though, so don’t
take the back of it off. Now we’re going to taking our clip and lining
it up where it’s going to be on that pedestal just like that with the hole going over top
of the hole on your pedestal. And we’re going to do that for both sides. We’re going to be taking our washer and bolts,
putting the washer on that big guy. Then we’re going to be lining the guard up
and we’re going to have the hole here line up with the hole over here all the way to
your right and your left. There we go, put that guy in. Now we’re not going to put it in there tight
though because we’re going to be taking it back off, this is just going to be holding
it in place. We’re going to be taking a marker and we’re
going to be placing it through each one of these holes. Now the purpose of this, as Cory does that
he’s going to stick the tip in just for a second just to see how it feels, this is going
to be where we put our pedestals. So that’s going to give you an indicator of
where those go. There you go Cory, doing a good job buddy. Next we’re going to take our pedestal alignment
template and place that right over the black circle that we made lining up with the bullseye. Then take two of those white sticky strips
there and then place them on the edges of the template like so. Great. Then you’re going to do the same thing for
each dot. Next we’re going to be wiping the area here
with the included moist towelette, no word on if this is from Trojan. Next we’re going to slapping the pedestals
on there right in the outline of where we lined them up. So just peel off that red tape and place it
there. And we’re going to peel the tape off. Beautiful. And we’re going to lining these two up on
outside and you’re just going to placing the clip on to the bottom like so. Beautiful Cory. Next all you have to do is slap that hood
protector on there and again line it up the holes that you just placed on there. Next you’re going to taking your bolts and
you’re going to see your black washer, we’ll turn that so that the side with the protrusion
is going inside of the hole. Alright Cory place it in there big guy. And that’s going to do it for the installation
of the FormFit Tough Guard Hood Protector. Look at how manly this thing is. It’s got bolts on it! It’s so manly it’s going to give your wife
a five o’clock shadow. If you’re into that sort of thing, and I am. If you want to order one of these as always
you can do so at If you have any questions pick up the phone,
give us a call and remember to like, share and subscribe to this video. We have so much more tasty bits of goodness
in the past and on the way including a review of this hood protector. Yea! I’m Kyle with Midwest Aftermarket and we’ll
see you next time.


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