How to make a FLYING DEFENCE BASE in Minecraft!

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Hello, everyone. This is number and welcome back to a minecraft video and this one. We’re going to doing something very special indeed This is something I’ve wanted to do for an incredibly long [time] and that is to create a floating fortress Now this video is going to work Just a tiny bit differently to all of the other how to make videos that I’ve done in that I have not built this before this video ok so generally speaking when I do these [videos] I build the entire thing in another world beforehand exactly the same and Then in the video I basically reference back to that one and show you guys how to build it in this one We’re going to do something slightly different. I’m going to be building the redstone freehand. I’m [going] to take you through the four processes and Me trying to work out how everything is going to fit together now I hope I hope that ends up being a really cool and interesting video if it doesn’t Then well that’s a shame and you probably will never see this clip right here, so anyway Let’s pop on inside and take a look at what I’ve got going on so far and as you can see It’s not a lot I mean we have got a hole under our lovely little house right here and we’ve got a bunch of space down at the bottom to make way [for] all of the weapons and All of the traps that we are building here This is a fortress ok it isn’t the like a fortress as a point of it But this needs to be super defensive killer fortress style thing because we don’t want any other players coming up here So I think first things first Tnt tnt will make a very good start [alright] So I’ve formulated a bit of a plan and that is to create TNT, launches that are going to shoot out the bottom of this [flying] [fortress] right here Which I think makes a very good start indeed So in theory all I’ll have to do is I’ll have like a redstone torch on the side of this block right here and that Should power all of our pistons and then when we flick this lever We can open that up and that will fire the TNT cannon out like this, and it will explode somewhere down there And I’m going to be doing that on a bunch of the corners of this build so we’re going to have one over in this area and I would say I mean if we just do some slight terraforming right here We can make it so that these Cases are perfect for the TNT launches the only thing that I will say is is that in that situation… I don’t actually know if it’s going to fit because the way that I’m going to do the TNT launcher is I’m going to have a dispenser facing upwards probably around about here and Then we’ll have a sticky piston with a slime block on its face And we’ll do the same thing in this area and over here as well which means that yeah We’re really not going to be left with much space in this area down here Which is fine because this is literally [100%] for defense systems But I have to say I think you know we might be running a little bit low If we were to do it in that era even if we do it here That’s just a little bit too tight isn’t it so we might only be able to have three of these launches Maybe one in the center on this side Yeah, I must admit there is not as much space down here as I was expecting I think I’ve come up with a system That works pretty nicely so we’ve got ourselves a hole for the TNT that there is our slime block launcher system And that will shoot the tnt outwards and obviously our piston door will open up and everything like that so you have some redstone down there you guys place down our button and… that looked pretty promising to me now one of my first tests whet Successfully the second one didn’t and it almost blew up the whole side of our island Let’s just see does this thing work reliably I mean it looks like it does we are definitely creating. We’re creating a new mineshaft down there and It is completely concealed From the Edge of the Island that thing’s amazing I’m going to crack on and build with the other sets of those things right there And then I’ll quickly talk through how it all works now I must admit things are looking a little bit cramped already, but we have one TNT launcher We have TNT launcher number two which I actually haven’t stocked up with TNT just yet So we’ll leave that alone. We have TNT launcher number three which I don’t actually know if that TNT took off Yeah, looks like it. Did. So we’re creating sort of bomb holes all over the place right here and as I say completely hidden away From the outside [of] the island that thing looks fantastic right let’s put back inside We can start working on some of the other redstone contraptions, and I’m thinking maybe We could just have some TNT droppers down underneath right here Things have Gotten extremely extremely tight in this area right here but if you pop down to the bottom you can see That we have got working TNT dropper systems and these things are super ridiculously simple So we just have redstone going across the top of dispenser And then we also have a redstone torch that is powering this piston to when we power the redstone Dispenses the TNT retract the piston dropping our TNT downwards and we have got two of these systems both of which are activated by Redstone up at the top here so all of our buttons are [on] exactly the same levels We hit this button that launches the TNT off into the distance I hope it doesn’t blow us up and then this one activates that one then this one Activates that one down there this one activates that one down there and this one Activates that one there which I still need to fill in with TNT Right let’s try again Good, okay. That has flown it right away off into the distance so right now. We have got a densely compacted TNT explosion unit that is Well this thing’s Lethal. This is like the control panel is ugly its Redstone all over the place But it works So now I think I might try and do is add in a few extra bits up at the top I Kind of want to add in just arrow shooting areas Maybe even like mob Yeah, that could work quite nicely But before any of that goes on. I think it would [probably] be a good [idea] to add in some Lava Systems as well So we’re going to have Lava flowing down from this thing and the way that I’m going to do that is I’m going to have [Stephenson’s] there I would say sticky piston right there because that is a direct rock down Sticky piston on this corner awesome. This is all working out really well, so over here Yeah, sticky piston right about there, and if we [just] flick a lever in C We I don’t think there’s anything underneath these or anything that should cause these to be an issue because that That block that’s being powered is way above these [pistons]. [they] shouldn’t have any bug firing so that should be okay? This one is a tiny bit more difficult So we might need to do something a little bit like this Because otherwise that block right [there] will power those pistons and that will break that system All right, so we have that one done now this one this one should be fine I don’t think there’s any pistons under that you can flick that lever good stuff. We’ve got [the] retraction there and this one We can just play to leave on this block and there we go. We have ourselves a bunch of piston attraction systems So now I’m just going to place in the Lava in each one of these corners And then when we want to see we can activate various different Lava drops. This was a bad idea This is a bad idea. [we’ve] oh no No, no, no, oh oh Oh dear my house Game rule do fire tick oh, oh Well, that’s that’s a lesson [land] So now that I’ve reconstructed my house that let’s just pop straight inside And we will flick all of these levers and see what happens with all of the Lava now I can see a little bit Lava flowing else, but we should just have like a full-on flow Right the way down to the bottom wow This is awesome. So if a player was pilloried up We could soar scare them a little bit by dropping the Lava down because that would be really really scary, but then also We could throw some tnT into the mix and chunk that down as well. I mean this thing is little This is a brutal little fortress island and what I’ve tried to do [here] to the best of my ability is cover up the entire flow area So that there’s nowhere that we can fall [down] because right now this thing is a big [redstone] mess And there’s no reason for you [to] go in any of the areas Because all of it is of course register and activate it. [I] mean oh no no no No No, no, no no oh my word ah I’ve got a lot of building to do for about the fifth time in [today’s] episode everything has been rebuilt Everything is now working once again, and yes, I have covered up all of the floor But this time I’ve made sure to place a movable object Next to our slime blocks That was a schoolboy error there. I think for the time being we have done enough stuff down at the bottom here I mean
this is about as lethal and as cramped as you can possibly get so now we’re going to pop up to the top and we’re Going to do a little bit work on the surface now the first thing I want to do is in our little [hut] right here. I want to create a really fast armor equipping station now. I imagine It’s going to be as simple as that and as per usUal. I Come you know, okay. They really need to change the key for the inventory swapping thing because if you pray if you just try and travel down in creative mode and Then go to the next [floor] in your hotbar it changes the entire Hotbar and it drives me completely nuts It’s been happening so often recently and it keeps messing with my flow in my videos anyway, we’re going to need helmets We’re going to need chest plates. We’re going to need leggings and we’re going to need boots [let’s] place all [of] those into each one of these dispensers right here, and I guess we should give it a test right now. I’m a kid We walk in we hit the buzzer and we’re quit and then we walk back out super speedy We can attack anyone who comes onto our little island so now What should we do next [I] feel like we need a little bit of extra help up at the top here Maybe we can have like dispensers facing upwards that will attack players from coming In from the sky yeah that could work quite [nicely] or maybe even some dispensers coming down from the Roof now [say] this one is going to be a tight Redstone contraption once again We’re going to have very little space to play with right here, but what I imagine we can do are You see I was going to do a Torch [Burnout] But I don’t know if we’re going to be able to do it With the space that we have available to [us], so we need to have Yeah, see these these blocks right here. They’re transparent blocks which means that we can’t do a torch burnout clock Is there anything that we can do to power those dispensers up at the top there without messing with? This Redstone right here You know that has actually given us more space to play with in fact. Yes We can actually create a torch burnout clock in this spot. Now that we’ve done that by just doing this I Think there should work Redstone Torches on either end. We can even have a redstone torch on this side as well And then redstone dust in the middle Yeah We’ve got a fully automatic Dispensing system up at the top there as well that doesn’t fiddle with anything dispenses I mean, this is compact Redstone It is finest right so I’ve added in a few extra dispensers right here, and if we [flip] this lever we can see that Yes, that is absolutely spectacular Wow we shower our Island our Roof and Those trees over there and those trees over there with arrows Awesome, okay. I feel like I feel like we need a few more of those arrow dispensers though Because that would be like a really good way [to] defend against players actually on the Island so we should have like a dispenser facing upwards probably about there a Dispenser facing upwards around about here and one on this side as well It would be nice if [we] could conceal them using pistons, but I don’t think that’s going to be possible, so I guess We [should] try our best to hook those up with Redstone. Which does mean that we’re going to have to go underneath once again. Oh things oh my word I mean, how am I even going to power that my plan for the redstone clock is as follows. We have got a hopper Yes, two hoppers running back and forth into another a comparator then we have an observer which will give an update when the comparator turns On and the compares turns off which makes this redstone clock twice as fast Which means [I] mean it’s not quite as fast as say something like this But [it’s] pretty quick although We could just use an observer clock Give me a second no I would say [I] have successfully covered pretty much every surface in this underground error right here But amazing enough. It does all still work so this lever? Good this lever over here should be activating that one at which. I should turn it off Yep that [dispensers] working this one Good stuff and this one. Oh All right Let’s fill out all of these in with arrows and just see what it looks like when all of them are firing So I’ve actually logged in that with the second account right here And it is in exactly the same lan world so that we can go through all of the redstone contraptions that are in this Fortress right here, and you can see all of them firing off because I feel like that is fairly important now I have made a backup of the world just in case everything goes very wrong Which there is a chance that will happen we’ve got lots of tnt happening here, but first off Let’s activate all of the arrow dispenses so that one right there our [defense] [yeah] That one right there is narrow defense said this one over here is a narrow dispenser and this one over here Is also a narrow dispenser which is yeah? I mean [straightaway] that looks completely bonkers, but [against] better because now we can activate the first Tnt shooter thing at which actually one doesn’t have any paint in it still How do you still not have tMP right this one TMG just look all? [right] this one co-teachers clear over there as well And we have to change the activation going on down underneath. Which is a little bit strange. We have this button You should get CNC dropping down at the bottom This button over [here] should activate tnt dropping out. That’s possible well and then right Okay, those start activating the Lava falls as well glover here over there, Lava on this one as well And lover [on] this one. I mean look at this thing This is the most ridiculous thing. I think I’ve ever built We are getting some serious framerate issues here But would you would you attack someone who had this sort of crazy equipment I? Don’t feel like I would I Genuinely don’t think I would one of our Lava things isn’t flying out though. Which is a little bit strange. [oh] Okay, sorry I broke I placed in a block accidentally slepak. Oh There is the full look working Super Fortress, [I] mean this really is a floating fortress. This thing is absolutely Lethal I feel sorry for anyone who comes into contact with this thing unfortunately we have now right of arrowed But this thing is still amazing. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did be sure to that like man I really loved it. They make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys. This is the bumbo and I’m at [Ostia] [later]


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