How to Password Protect a Google Form (First Day of Google Forms)

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[MUSIC PLAYING] SHAWN BEARD: Hi. This is Shawn, and thanks for
watching “The Techy Coach.” And in this video, we’re going
to talk about how you can password protect a Google Form. Now, this is an old trick. It’s been around
for quite a while. But it’s still a great
way to keep users from entering information
into your form if you don’t want them. And this works great if
you’re just sending a form out on a public website and you
want users that specifically have a password to
fill out the form, but you want to keep
other people out of it, so people outside of your
organization or outside of your school, for instance. Or if you just want to
put a password on a test before kids take it. So it’s actually a
very simple process. All you need to do is go ahead
and set up your form the way you want it. And then right up here, in
the first section, click in that section. And then we’re going to put
a section break in there. So I’ll click Section Break. And so right after this section
1, I’m going to add a question. And my question is going
to be Enter the Password. Now, this is going to be
a short answer question. And the trick here is
to go down to the More button on this question
and click Data Validation. And what we’re
going to choose is– let’s say, for
instance, I’m going to put a number on
as the password. So I’m going to say
the number equal to, and I’m going to put
in the numbers 8675309. And you can put
in a custom error text that says Wrong Password
if they’ve entered it wrong. And then you’re going to
make this question required. So first of all,
what this does is it’s the very first
question they see. It’s the only question they see
when they get into the form. And if they don’t put
in the right number, they cannot move forward and
answer any of these questions on the test, or on
the registration form, whatever it is you’re using. So to test this out, I’m going
to go and preview the form. This is how they’ll see it. And if I try to put in the
number 123456 and click Next, it won’t let me. But if I put in the
proper password, then the Wrong Password
message goes away. I’ve got the right code. And I can click
Next and I can begin entering answers into the form. So real quick, that’s
how you set up a password to protect a form if you
don’t want someone getting into it without permission. Hopefully, this helps you. And if you have any other
questions about Google Apps, send me a message on my
website, or just visit me at Thanks for joining me. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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