How To Perform A Maintenance Wash On Protected Wheels – Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel Cleaner

December 10, 2019 posted by

So it’s been about two weeks since we had
these wheels coated with our Carbon Flex C9 system. And we told the driver to beat this car up. We told him to drive hard, get a lot of break
dust, not to wash it, not to clean it, not to wipe it, and these are the results. The wheels are very dirty. There is a lot of soot on there. You know
a lot of iron contaminates and everything. So now, it’s time for us to do a maintenance
wash using our Diablo Wheel Gel and we are going to show the power of our Carbon Flex C9. Alright perfect. So now that we rinsed down the wheel, we can
see a lot of dirt and stuff on there. As you can see it’s not really sticking on.
It actually just falls out. There is just dirt on these grooves and it
literally just slides off. So this is perfect for our Diablo Wheel Gel
Cleaner. So we have our bucket, I’m going to add one
ounce of Diablo Wheel Gel in there. Activate it with suds. And if you want to you can go ahead and use
more additional Diablo, which I recommend. Just for lubrication. This Diablo is diluted 3:1. 3 ounces of water for every ounce of Diablo. Perfect! Now that you have that nice and lubricated,
you go back in your wheel bucket. We have an assortment of wheel brushes. I choose to use a wheel Woolie. And the surface is really slick, I don’t know
if you see that on video, but I put this on there and it’s sliding all over the place. It’s a good sign to look for. Once you clean the barrel of the wheel, it’s
time to clean the face. I like using our green flagtip brush. Start scrubbing the face and these little
crevasses right here. Now the last step is to clean the caliper
area. You can see a lot of this dirt is just falling
out really easy. Diablo does a good job of encapsulating the
dirt making it slide off. Just agitate any areas as necessary with this
brush. This is the Best Detailing Brush. Alright perfect and the final step is rinse
it all down. Perfect. As you can see all the brake dust is gone. There was a lot of soot on there. The wheels are really slick and you can see
a lot of the water is sliding off the wheel. All you have to do is grab your microfiber
towel and dry.


14 Replies to “How To Perform A Maintenance Wash On Protected Wheels – Chemical Guys Diablo Wheel Gel Cleaner”

  1. angelo Francis says:

    nice. Whats the name of that music ?

  2. Hyburnate says:

    Would be interesting to then spray an iron remover on, this would show what fallout is left…

  3. Kevin Disick says:

    Nothing beats Chemical Guys 😎

  4. bmw760li says:

    Anyone know how to remove wheel acid stains off of rims? I sprayed some on and think i let it stay on for too long and now there is dried up acid marks that won't come off. what could I use to get them off?

  5. Abo707 says:

    Notice the foam sprayer not work at all with the Diablo lol makes me not buy one now.

  6. Lindsey Pearson says:

    Who is Diablo and why does he hate brake dust

  7. Antonio Aguilar says:

    CG why the porno music.?????

  8. Saad Shaikh says:

    I Have to detail a blue chrome wrap i wanted to know how to care for it that products and wash etc everything please do a video thanks

  9. Cool family Jay tv says:

    What about the tires? Can Diablo be use to clean the tires ?

  10. Mike Mags says:

    Can you use the Diablo on the tires as well ?

  11. Valentin Briagas Jr. says:

    how would this work on a polished billet aluminum?

  12. Lilman5794 says:

    you guys should make a video on how to clean the brushes

  13. Ryan Beason says:

    is this safe on powdercoated wheels?

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